War in Ukraine. Anonymous joined the war against Russia. They already have their first success

War in Ukraine.  Anonymous joined the war against Russia.  They already have their first success

The hacker group Anonymous has joined the war against Russia. They reported on Twitter that they had successfully attacked the Russia Today website, which is currently unavailable.

On February 24, the Twitter account YourAnonOne began posting content related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and reported that the Anonymus collective had officially launched a cyber-war against the Russian government.

Anonymous attacked Russia Today

During this time, the group managed to disable the website of Russia Today television and some government agencies, as well as the websites of ICT and communications companies.

Even before the Russian military invasion of Ukraine began, a digital offensive against Ukraine was already underway. A day before the troops entered, some websites and IT networks in Ukraine were disabled using malicious software that deleted data (so-called wiper).

Russia has also engaged in an extremely aggressive propaganda and disinformation campaign, which is aimed at, among others, in Poland. There is also a threat to Polish cyberspace, therefore Prime Minister Mateusz Morawicki announced the third RCP Charlie alert level for government institutions.

Ukraine is trying to respond to Russian aggression in cyberspace. The government unofficially issued an appeal to Ukraine’s hacker community, asking them to join the fight. Hackers who volunteer to participate will help defend Ukraine’s critical networks and carry out espionage activities against Russia.

Belarusian hackers fighting against the regime of Alexander Lukashenko from the Cyber ​​Partizans group also declared their help to Ukraine. They called on hackers from Ukraine and Russia to take joint action against Russia.

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