Sanepid appeals to pilgrims: take a supply of underwear, do not drink from a common bottle

Sanepid appeals to pilgrims: take a supply of underwear, do not drink from a common bottle

During the pilgrimage season, the Chief Sanitary Inspector appealed to those who go hiking to sanctuaries. These are the basic rules that will help you avoid unpleasant health consequences. Washing your hands or taking a supply of underwear are on the list.

August is considered the time of pilgrimages in Poland. It is this month that pilgrims from all over Poland are heading to Jasna Góra to arrive there on August 15. Some of the pilgrims from the farthest corners of Poland from Częstochowa are already on their way. pilgrims from Hel or Szczecin. “Are you going on a pilgrimage? Do not wear new, tight shoes. Sports shoes or sandals with thick soles will be the best. Complete your clothes so that you can wear the so-called onion. Take a waterproof jacket. If you take medications, be sure to take them” – he appeals Chief Sanitary Inspector on Twitter. But this is not the only advice for pilgrims.

How to take care of hygiene and safety on a pilgrimage?

The list of simple rules that will help you survive the pilgrimage safely is longer. Some of them also concern food safety. GIS advises pilgrims:

  • wash your hands before meals and after going to the toilet,

  • take toiletries and a supply of underwear,

  • do not drink drinks from a shared bottle,

  • avoid perishable products,

  • pack food in breakfast paper or cling film.

Why should you not drink from a shared bottle?

Although the gesture of sharing a sip of water may seem nice, usually hardly anyone remembers that it can have unpleasant consequences. Drinking from one bottle (even taking one sip) can be infected with the most common viruses that cause colds. It is a painful throat disease, but also, for example, flu. But it must be remembered that the list of droplet-borne pathogens, i.e. those that can be spread through saliva, is much longer. There are e.g. herpes virus, angina or oral mycosis.

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