AI is already taking jobs. Big tech companies are starting to slow down

Universities teach the use of ChatGPT.  What does the future of education look like?

AI taking people's jobs has been a scare for some time, but now it's really starting to happen. The first corporations are already starting to prepare for the artificial intelligence boom and are limiting human resources.

A small but growing group of technology companies are already preparing to replace workers with artificial intelligence. The development of AI technology has become a great excuse for them to fire hundreds or even thousands of people.

Technology companies are laying off employees – they are to be replaced by AI

One of the first signs of a new trend was a famous interview that the CEO of IBM gave to Bloomberg. Arvind Krishna noted that the company intends to limit hiring for positions that the company believes may be replaced by AI in the coming years. In a later statement, Krishna spoke more reassuringly, specifying that of course “AI will create more jobs than it will take away.”

The recent layoffs at Dropbox were also justified by the dynamic development of AI – 16 percent lost their jobs. crew, i.e. about half a thousand people. The educational technology company Chegg dismissed approximately 80 people, also because of artificial intelligence.

Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a company providing outplacement services (assistance in finding a job after dismissal), summarizes in its latest report that in May, as many as 3,900 people using the company's services were dismissed due to AI. They all worked in the new technologies sector.

– Artificial intelligence will not necessarily replace people, but rather support them. The type of competition we see today is human workers being replaced by other humans. Those who can work better with artificial intelligence, comments Dan Wang, professor at Columbia Business School.

InPost is looking for specialists to work with ChatGPT

As we wrote in, even the Polish InPost is looking for completely new specialists who can use AI tools such as ChatGPT. “At InPost we are already looking for AI specialists. Probably the first in Poland,” Rafał Brzoska wrote on Twitter.

The company has posted a job offer for the position of Prompt Engineer. In short, it is a person who creates appropriately accurate commands for generative artificial intelligence.

As the employer explains, the specialist's daily duties are to “develop appropriate prompts that will allow models to generate valuable results and help us achieve business goals.” The candidate will also be responsible for testing the created applications and training other company employees in the use of AI solutions.

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