TikTok has deleted 24 million accounts. It’s about the war in Israel

$368 million  penalties for TikTok.  This is about children's privacy

TikTok deleted 24 million accounts and nearly one million videos related to Israel’s war with Hamas. The company defends itself against accusations that it treats content moderation around the conflict too lightly.

After Hamas’ attack on Israel, social media platforms are flooded with numerous war materials, including false information, artificial comments and violent content. TikTok recently published devastating statistics on these posts.

TikTok banned 24 million fake accounts – they wrote about Israel and Hamas

The company is one of the most popular social media sites and since the Hamas attack on October 7, it has been criticized for an insufficient response to war content appearing on the platform.

However, TikTok denies the allegations and shared the latest data. The company emphasizes that since the outbreak of the war, it has removed over 925,000 videos “originating from the conflict region.” Globally, there were many millions of entries. In recent weeks, the company has also been closely monitoring “spikes in artificial engagement” on posts.

“Since October 7, we have removed over 24 million fake accounts from around the world and over half a million bot comments that appeared under hashtags related to the conflict,” the company writes in a statement.

TikTok with further problems in the USA. Other platforms also have problems

After the outbreak of war in Israel, TikTok returned to the agenda of American politicians. Old calls to ban the US app were also renewed, this time over accusations that the platform’s algorithm disproportionately promotes content supporting Palestine, NBC News reported.

According to the platform, this is a misinterpretation of the data. “In recent days, faulty data analyzes have been released on TikTok hashtags related to the conflict. This caused some commenters to falsely claim that TikTok promotes pro-Palestinian content over pro-Israel posts in the US,” the platform said.

Since the beginning of the war, users in the United States have seen the hashtag #standwithisrael 46 million times, while #standwithpalestine has been viewed 29 million times.

Other internet companies have recently faced similar accusations regarding moderation. According to Internet users, Meta was supposed to shadowban Instagram accounts if they wrote about conditions in the Gaza Strip. According to the company, it was a system error. X (former Twitter) is currently struggling with scrutiny from EU regulators regarding war-related disinformation on the platform.

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