This is where the Lepper monument is to be erected. The decision may be made by Hołownia

This is where the Lepper monument is to be erected.  The decision may be made by Hołownia

Soon it will be 13 years since Andrzej Lepper's death. For years, there have been regular proposals to commemorate the Samoobrona leader. We know where his monument may be placed.

We have written several times about plans to build a monument to Andrzej Lepper. Now, the realization of your plans may be closer than ever. The sculptor has already started working on it, and the originators have designated the place where they would like to place it.

Although earlier it was taken into account, among others, around Rondo de Gaulle, the current vision is completely different. The monument would be erected a few kilometers away.

– We want the Andrzej Lepper monument to be erected near the Sejm. I am counting on Marshal Szymon Hołownia's consent. I will soon send him a letter regarding this matter – said Piotr Napałek, chairman of the “Z raised head” association, which commissioned the sculpture design, in an interview with Super Express.

This is what Andrzej Lepper's monument is supposed to look like

Placing the monument near the Sejm is identical to the vision of the creator of its project, Bartłomiej Kurzeja. It was he who also pointed to Rondo de Gaulle.

– I would like the monument itself to be a place for Poles to meet. I hope that the monument will be finished this year and it will be placed near the Sejm or where Andrzej Lepper died, near Rondo de Gaulle – he told Super Express two weeks ago.

The monument is to look like this: Andrzej Lepper, made of bronze, standing among ears of grain and staring at his hands.

– The very idea of ​​creating a monument is very interesting. Andrzej Lepper came from among the people, you could disagree with him, but he understood the national interest. The social dimension of the monument is intended to show Lepper as a leader and it is worth taking an interest in what the head of Self-Defense has been saying over the years in the context of national interests – explained the sculptor.

Several initiatives to build a monument

Earlier, Sławomir Izdebski, former senator of Self-Defense and current chairman of the All-Polish Alliance of Trade Unions of Farmers and Agricultural Organizations, loudly called for the construction of the monument.

Izdebski carefully argued the proposal. – Andrzej Lepper is one of the greatest figures in the history of Polish countryside and deserves a monument like no other. I meet people a lot and I haven't heard a bad word about him in years. Although many people understood who he really was only after Lepper's death, he told Rzeczpospolita less than a year ago.

Another initiative to build a monument to Lepper was also led by Krzysztof Prokopczyk, leader of the “Let's Remember” association and former Self-Defense activist.

High costs of building a monument

However, he drew attention to the financial dimension of the project. – Building a monument requires enormous amounts of money, and obtaining a location from the city is a big challenge – he said.

In the case of the current project of the “With Your Head Raised” association, the cost would be around PLN 400,000. zlotys. An online collection has been prepared for this purpose.

Funds will also come from farmers. – I meet with agricultural associations. For now, they are busy with protests, but when they end the blockade, I will start talks with them about the monument – Nastalik told Super Express.

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