“Prigozhin is alive and plotting revenge.” There was a sensational theory about the catastrophe

"Prigozhin is alive and plotting revenge."  There was a sensational theory about the catastrophe

– Prigozhin is alive, well and free – says Valery Solovie, a Russian political scientist known for his criticism of the Kremlin. In his opinion, the double of the founder of the Wagner Group died in the plane crash.

Last Wednesday, an Embraer Legacy 600 private jet belonging to Yevgeny Prigozhin crashed in the Tver Oblast. The machine was flying from Moscow to St. Petersburg. 10 people died – everyone on board, including Prigozhin. On Sunday, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation announced the completion of the bottom survey and confirmed the identity of all the victims, noting that they matched the list of passengers.

The funeral of the leader of the Wagner Group took place on Tuesday at the Prokhovsky cemetery in Saint Petersburg.

Prigozhin is alive? A sensational theory

Meanwhile, Valery Soloviei, a former professor at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, known for his criticism of the Kremlin, believes that it was not Prigozhin who died in the crash, but his doppelgänger. – Prigozhin is alive, well and free – said the political scientist in an interview with the British “Daily Mail”.

– His look-alike was flying instead. By the way, Vladimir Putin knows this very well, he added. Moreover, according to Soloviei, Prigozhin is now planning revenge on the president of Russia.

Kremlin critic questions US intelligence findings

The political scientist also accuses the Kremlin of lying about Prigozhin’s DNA, on the basis of which he was identified as one of the victims of the disaster. “First of all, the plane that Yevgeny Prigozhin was supposed to be on was shot down by a Russian air defense system,” Soloviei says, questioning the position of US intelligence that there was an explosion on board.

The political scientist believes that Prigozhin is currently in a country outside Russia, but has not yet revealed where. However, he announced that he would do it at the beginning of September. He only denied that it was not about Africa.

“He will use the fund to counterattack.”

According to Sołowiej, the creator of the Wagner Group will be revealed by the end of this year. – Prigozhin has access to bitcoin worth £1.6 billion. He will use this fund to counterattack. That’s quite enough to get revenge. When it comes to ambition, energy and courage, he has plenty of them, says the political scientist.

The Daily Mail points out that Soloviei has long claimed knowledge of the Kremlin’s internal affairs and has often said that Putin is seriously ill, and that he uses doppelgängers to conceal his condition.

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