Agriculture Summit. Donald Tusk announced the date of the meeting

Agriculture Summit.  Donald Tusk announced the date of the meeting

– I have called an agricultural summit in Warsaw for tomorrow, and at 2 p.m. I will meet the leaders of all protesting groups. We have a very serious problem, said Donald Tusk

Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced the agricultural summit in Warsaw during a joint conference with the Prime Minister of Norway, Jonas Gahr Store.

–Tomorrow at the Dialogue Center I will meet with the leaders of the protesting groups. We are the most pro-Ukrainian nation, but we have the greatest problems in Europe resulting from the Russian-Ukrainian war. The price of the free trade decision is too high and we will not be able to repay it. We are looking for a solution that will protect the Polish and European markets. We want help for Ukraine, but we cannot allow the aid to have negative consequences for our citizens, said Donald Tusk.

Farmers' protest. Tusk on the limits of Brussels and Kiev

–There is over 20 million tons of grain surplus in Europe, and spring has not yet started. Of this, Poland has 9 million tons of grain surplus. We do not yet have the infrastructure that would allow this grain to be exported further. There are many problems, we will solve them. (…) Tomorrow we will definitely look for a solution to the problem, with good will, said the Prime Minister after announcing the summit.

Donald Tusk was asked whether the summit could bring a solution and stop further protests.

–It is important to get off the high point of passwords. Recently, there have been slogans about Poland leaving the EU or completely closing the border with Ukraine. These are not demands that can be discussed. I am not the prime minister for Poland to leave the European Union or a country blocking the border with Ukraine. We are ready to have a serious conversation about limits. The limits proposed by Brussels and Kiev are unacceptable to us, noted Donald Tusk.

He added that Poland will seek more restrictive limits on agricultural products from Ukraine.

–We are talking to the Ukrainian side about temporarily closing the border. It would be temporary and mutually painful. We sell much more to Ukraine than we receive. But different groups have different interests. Some make money on it, most lose. I am ready for hard decisions (…), but we must find a lasting solution, he said.

More information soon.

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