There is a proposal for a new day off. “We will contact the Prime Minister”

There is a proposal for a new day off.  "We will contact the Prime Minister"

The “former Solidarity” community will turn to Donald Tusk with a proposal to make June 4 a day off from work, Zbigniew Janas, an opposition activist in the Polish People's Republic, revealed in Wirtualna Polska's “Newsroom” program.

Zbigniew Janas informed in Wirtualna Polska's “Newsroom” program that in the “former Solidarity” environment there was a proposal to recognize June 4 as a day off from work. – I can definitely say that this date is forgotten, he said.

Zbigniew Janas proposes a new day off

An opposition activist in the Polish People's Republic said that he had recently discussed this issue with his friends and even among them “the votes are a bit divided.” Some people allegedly suggested that introducing another day off would have an impact on the Polish economy. However, Janas believes that there are important arguments in favor of this idea.

– It is much more important for us to be proud of ourselves, even of the previous generations, but also of the contemporary ones, on this occasion (…) This is the holiday where we regained freedom, regained the joy of life – he explained. He said that the ruling coalition should take this into account and think seriously. – We will contact the Prime Minister – said the activist.

Freedom and Civil Rights Day. June 4th celebrations

Janas emphasized that in Poland “we have a lot of suffering”, but assured that he understood that such events also “need to be celebrated somehow” and returned to them. – We have so few moments of joy that it is simply a sin if we do not celebrate them – he added. He also stated that the new holiday may even “change people's attitude towards life and politics.”

On June 4, we celebrate Freedom and Civil Rights Day in Poland. The holiday commemorates the first partially free elections to the Sejm and completely free elections to the Senate after World War II on June 4, 1989. This year marked the 35th anniversary of the vote and the 11th anniversary of the establishment of Freedom and Civil Rights Day.

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