The curse of the US Open continues. Magda Linette failed

The curse of the US Open continues.  Magda Linette failed

It seemed that this time Magda Linette had a great chance to break the curse associated with the US Open, since she met Jennifer Brady in it. Unfortunately, it ended classically – the Polish woman was eliminated from the tournament.

Magda Linette’s great performances at the Australian Open are a thing of the past. For many months, the Poznań resident has not been able to refer to her former success in any way, and she also failed to do so at the US Open. The history of her appearances in the New York Grand Slam tournament is full of unsuccessful starts – since 2015 she managed to play more than two matches only once. This time, unfortunately, she again ended the competition in the second round.

Magda Linette entered the match with Jennifer Brady badly

And yet it started promisingly – with a convincing triumph over Alaksandra Sasnowicz in the first meeting. So it was expected that the Polish representative would show class again this time and defeat her rival, but nothing could be further from the truth. Jennifer Brady, who returns to tennis after major health problems, turned out to be better.

Already the first set was extremely bad for our compatriot, because she played too passively and was not able to tip the scales of victory on her side. The American quickly caught the rhythm, she easily threw the game to the sides, which Linette couldn’t handle. She took a 3-0 lead quite easily, and when Brady corrected the return, she completely took the initiative and won 6-1.

Devoted domination of Magda Linette

It’s hard to write that the roles were reversed in the second party, although the fact is that our compatriot woke up a bit. First, she made up a break point and led to a draw at 2: 2, and then played great defensively and countered. From 1:2, the Polish woman won as many as five games in a row and thus extended the match by one more set.

It’s just a pity that Linette didn’t follow suit. For unknown reasons, she gave the initiative to the American, who concentrated on her forehand and threw deadly balls thanks to it. After the break in the fifth game, it became 4:1, and although the Poznań player tried to make up for the loss, she was quickly “quenched” and lost 2:6, and thus the whole match 1:2. Thus, the Polish woman was eliminated from the US Open after the second round.

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