A well-known expert would see him in the Polish national team. He wouldn’t be surprised

A well-known expert would see him in the Polish national team.  He wouldn't be surprised

One of the well-known commentators and football TV experts believes that Marcin Cebula is ready for a much bigger challenge in his sports career. According to him, the time has come for the attacking midfielder to join the Polish national team.

From time to time, quite regularly, it happens that various players are proposed for the Polish national team, who suddenly start to shine in our national teams – both in Ekstraklasa and (slightly less often) in European cups. This was the case before, for example, with Kamil Grosicki, mainly in the previous season, and now Marcin Cebula is the most talked about. Maciej Kruk from Eleven Sports argues that this is a good solution.

Marcin Cebula shines at the beginning of the current season

However, it must be honestly admitted that the offensive midfielder of Raków Częstochowa actually started the 2023/24 season promisingly, although it may not be fully visible in the numbers. He has made 7 appearances so far, scoring 1 assist and scoring no goals. On the other hand, however, he is doing well especially in the Champions League qualifiers – he scored convincing performances against both Flora and Karabakh. Against Azerbaijan, he contributed to the crucial goal to make it 1-0 in the return clash, and in the skirmish with Aris Limassol he won a penalty kick.

That Onion would do so well was not at all obvious. He missed half of last season due to a serious injury. He returned to the game at the end of January, but it was another month before he reached a decent form. In the spring, from the first minute, he played in only three matches – the last one, when the league competition was already settled.

Marcin Cebula deserves to be called up to the Polish national team?

Now, however, he is doing well enough that, according to Maciej Kruk, the time has come to test his strength in the Polish national team. – I think that Cebula is among a wide spectrum of candidates to play in the national team. I believe that in the match against Aris he was one of the best on the pitch – said the commentator and expert of Eleven Sports on the air of the matchyki.pl program.

– Marcin’s great asset is the fact that he has worked through many assumptions in the game without the ball. He benefits from the fact that his competitors in Raków remain unprepared, thanks to which he can perform regularly. He takes his chance. If he continues to maintain this form in Europe, I would not be surprised to be called up to the national team – concluded Kruk.

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