Do you remember the house from the music video for “Last Christmas”? This is what it looks like now

Do you remember the house from the music video for "Last Christmas"?  This is what it looks like now

The music video for the hit “Last Christmas” was recorded in a mountain cottage in Switzerland. The property is currently available for rent and is an ideal destination for trips with friends.

Although the song “Last Christmas” was created 35 years ago, it is still a radio hit inextricably associated with the holidays. The clip, which takes place in the winter scenery of a mountain cottage, at the Christmas table and in the cable car, featured George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley and their friends Helen DeMacque, Shirley Holliman, Martin Kemp and model Kathy Hill. The photos were taken in Saas-Fee, Switzerland, where the Chalet Schliechten estate still stands today. People vacationing on skis can rent it, although currently no longer accepts reservations.

As the owner of Chalet Schliechten assures, the cottage is cozy and tasteful and is located in the sunniest part of the village of Saas-Fee. The two-story building will accommodate eight people, who will have a fully equipped kitchen, dining room and bathroom at their disposal. Four bedrooms await guests, and the biggest attraction are the views from the windows. While sipping their morning coffee, tourists can admire the mountains and forests, where cross-country skiing paths await them.

Radio hit

The lyrics and music for “Last Christmas” were created during a visit of band members: Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael to the home of the other musician’s parents. Then, in his childhood room, Michael was to play Ridgeley the introductory melody to what would soon become a Christmas hit.

The song itself was recorded in August 1984. In “Last Christmas” George Michael played all the instruments himself, and he worked at a fast pace, without stopping. What many people today judge as going into emotion and singing about feelings with pain was supposed to be real physical pain resulting from extreme fatigue. The single premiered on December 3, 1984. It quickly climbed the charts and has been dominating radio airwaves for years before Christmas.

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