Close to the border with Poland, you will feel like you are in Switzerland. The German Bastei wins the hearts of tourists

Close to the border with Poland, you will feel like you are in Switzerland.  The German Bastei wins the hearts of tourists

Saxon Switzerland is an extraordinary place located close to Poland. Few people know that Germany hides unique mountain landscapes that mesmerize tourists.

Here's another attraction for adventure seekers and lovers of discovering unusual places near Poland. One of the unique areas is Saxon Switzerland. This is the German part of the Elbe Mountains on both banks of the Elbe River, located southeast of Dresden. This is a side of Germany that should be seen by, among others: every mountain enthusiast.

Saxon Switzerland. An extraordinary place in Germany

Saxon Switzerland is characterized by majestic mountain landscapes, the famous bridge and the Bastei rock formation. They are the biggest tourist attraction of this place in Germany. The Saxon Switzerland National Park in the Elbe Mountains is full of rocks. Various shades of green and gray alternate in it. Wild nature simply captures the heart.

The highest point in Saxon Switzerland is Kleiner Zschirnstein with a height of 562 m above sea level. A hit in these mountainous areas is, among others, the Konigstein fortress, rising over 240 meters above the level of the Elbe river flowing next to it. The Bastei Bridge is one of the most visited places in the entire German state of Saxony. Tourists line up on it and admire the views for hours. You can take wonderful and unique photos there. If you think that visiting these areas must involve organizing a demanding trip, nothing could be further from the truth. It is closer than many suspect. This is a great proposition, among others. for a weekend getaway.

Saxon Switzerland close to Poland. You can move the car

The fastest way to get to Saxon Switzerland is from the western part of Poland. The easiest ways will be, among others: inhabitants of the province Lower Silesia. For example, from Zgorzelec, located close to the border with Germany, we can get to Bastei in about 1.5 hours. Google Maps shows it to be roughly 108 km.

If you don't like car trips, you can also use public transport, including: trains. In this case, however, getting there becomes a bit more complicated and may take over 3 hours. There will also be transfers.

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