More than half of Internet users in Poland listen to podcasts! The latest report by Wprost and Studio PLAC

More than half of Internet users in Poland listen to podcasts!  The latest report by Wprost and Studio PLAC

Podcasts, although they are no longer a novelty, are now becoming one of the most popular forms of publication.

The results of a study conducted by the Ariadna panel for “Wprost” and Studio PLAC in May 2022 indicate that almost one third of all Internet users listen to podcasts at least once a week, and this value is constantly increasing. Therefore, Wprost and Studio Plac decided to take a more in-depth look at this form of publication, and we present the collected information in this report.

Just over a month ago, “Wprost”, in cooperation with Studio Plac, permanently introduced three podcast series to its publishing offer. The entire project required us to conduct thorough research on the subject of podcasts, understanding the needs of listeners and the specific nature of consumption of this extremely dynamic form of content available only on the broadly understood Internet. For this purpose, we have engaged the National Research Panel Ariadna, which prepares its research based on the answers provided by adult Internet users. The results of this study, conducted on the basis of 1,000 representatives of this group, say clearly: a multi-million audience listens to podcasts in Poland!

“Wprost” report on podcasts

The document includes the presentation of three new “Wprost” podcasts: “Wprost Odnie” devoted to behind-the-scenes political games “Parliamentary Indiscretions to Listen”, revealing the secrets of the well-known and liked “Wprost Opnie” and “Wprost o Kulturze” devoted to all forms of artistic activity.

We also presented data on podcast listeners in the report. We checked how large is the group of users who decide to consume this type of journalistic content and what are its characteristic features. Additionally, we also looked at the reasons why podcasts are attracting a larger audience. We talked to the creators of a professional recording studio about the technical aspects of podcast production.

The founders of Studio Plac, Marcin Łukasik and Krzysztof Rzyman, as experienced radio players and producers, know how to ensure high quality recordings and professional editing and sound design, which, in their opinion, is crucial to maintaining the listener's attention.

We invite you to read the report and follow the “Wprost” Podcasts on and external streaming platforms!

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