A new tourist hit is coming. Fairy tale lagoons are being created in Europe

A new tourist hit is coming.  Fairy tale lagoons are being created in Europe

Access to crystal clear water and a beach full of fine sand is no longer a dream in large cities. The Crystal Lagoons brand intends to create such places in iconic European towns.

Imagine a world where leading a quiet lifestyle and enjoying a relaxing beach do not require long trips. The proximity of turquoise, crystal-clear water and a resort where you can sunbathe is a dream of many people. And this is exactly what the Crystal Lagoons brand intends to guarantee to tourists. It wants to create unique lagoons in famous European cities.

Lagoons in European cities will be a hit

Crystal Lagoons is expanding into Europe, bringing its Public Access LagoonsTM (PALTM) to iconic cities such as Rome, Milan, Toulouse, Seville and two locations in Romania. As part of a groundbreaking partnership with Forty Management, a leading Romanian developer, these projects are not only about creating idyllic beaches, but also promoting sustainable development.

Urban beaches in metropolises in Europe

The essence of Crystal Lagoons is a revolutionary technology developed by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which allows the construction of vast, crystalline lagoons suitable for swimming and water sports, all surrounded by white sandy beaches. Unlike traditional swimming pools, these lagoons use significantly less chemicals and energy, marking a new era of eco-friendly recreation. The introduction of such projects in vibrant tourist cities such as Rome and Milan is a testament to the company’s vision of combining the experience of beach life with city life, surrounded by living spaces, hotels, shops and entertainment venues.

The expansion of Crystal Lagoons in Italy, France, Spain and Romania is not just a business move – it is a step towards sustainable urban development. By collaborating with Forty Management, the brand leverages their shared commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation. PALTM projects aim to improve the quality of life in cities, offering residents and visitors a paradise escape from the concrete jungle. The technology behind these lagoons reflects a step towards sustainable development, efficient use of resources, while providing space for people to relax and meet.

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