A controversial attraction in Krakow caused panic. People called the emergency number

A controversial attraction in Krakow caused panic.  People called the emergency number

An unusual art installation in the Old Town of Krakow terrified passers-by. Residents were sure that a suicide bomber was standing on the edge of the building.

On June 14, a sculpture was unveiled in the Old Town in Krakow, causing a huge stir among residents and tourists. After a few days, the city authorities decided to move the attraction. All because of the unusual form of the exhibit placed on the building’s cornice. The artistic installation “Balance” is a figure of a man who is preparing to commit a suicide jump. Over the weekend, Krakow services received at least several reports from concerned passers-by who mistook the cast for a real person.

People called the police

The artistic installation “Balans” by Monika and Tomek Bielak was presented on June 14 on the occasion of the opening of the festival of art in public space “Open City”. A sculpture depicting an adult man was placed on the cornice of a building at WesoĊ‚a Street, at the level of the second floor. It didn’t take long for the residents to react. In just two days, due to their controversial form of service, they appeared in the Old Town at least five times. Each time, the police were called by concerned residents who called the emergency number, certain that they saw a suicidal person preparing to jump.

The sculpture will be moved

The realistic work was intended to draw attention to the problem of people struggling with depression. Although both the idea and the immediate reaction of concerned residents were right, people operating the emergency number complained about “too much involvement of emergency services.” For this reason, it was decided to move the installation to ul. Kopernika 19, where it will be located on the lower floor. Internet users drew attention to the risk that such a bold project may entail. “The next time such an intervention is actually necessary, someone will not call because they will be convinced that it is just another happening,” reads one of the published comments.

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