Here you can buy a plane ticket for PLN 0. A big promotion starts on September 9

Here you can buy a plane ticket for PLN 0.  A big promotion starts on September 9

Although such an offer does not sound serious, it is not a joke and allows you to buy a ticket for PLN 0. The Vietnamese airline Vietjet Air came to its customers with an unusual proposition. The campaign starts in just a few days.

Vietjet Air is quite unfamiliar to Poles because we don’t often choose flights through it. Now, however, we have the opportunity to get to know it better and it is really worth doing so. All thanks to a special offer prepared for September 9. You will only be able to collect free tickets for a few hours. We reveal how you can buy them.

Vietjet Air will give away tickets for free. This is an unusual offer

Free plane tickets from Vietjet Air will make an exotic trip within everyone’s reach. The offer of the famous Vietnamese airline starts on Saturday, September 9, and the sale will last only 24 hours. Those interested have a chance to travel for free from September 18, 2023 to March 31, 2024. Sounds like a dream? And yet it’s reality.

As part of the promotion from Vietjet Air, passengers will be able to purchase tickets only for flights from Vietnam. However, you will be able to fly to many exotic places in Asia. This is an excellent option not only for locals, but especially for people from abroad. Tourists will fly, among others: to South Korea, Japan, Indonesia (Bali), Taiwan and many others.

If you plan to be in Asia on the above-mentioned dates, it is worth trying to get a free ticket, which can be found on – it will allow you to visit new corners of the world for next to nothing. Such offers are rare, but many chains regularly surprise with special campaigns. When it comes to the carriers we know better, we know that Wizz Air has just started selling seats for about PLN 38.

Does the offer have a catch?

Usually, when we are faced with an offer like the one proposed by Vietjet Air, we wonder about the catches. Turns out, there are little details worth knowing. It is known that the buyer will have to cover the costs of tax and airport fees himself – but it is still a great promotion.

There are still luggage issues. In the free offer, we can only take something handy. If, after purchasing a free ticket, we want to take a suitcase with us, we must take into account an additional cost – the network assures that this will still be small and profitable. What do you think about this type of action? Are you going to use it?

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