They were so drunk that they couldn’t fly out of Poznań. Officers intervened

They were so drunk that they couldn't fly out of Poznań.  Officers intervened

A pair of drunk passengers had to say goodbye to their idea of ​​a dream flight. Unfortunately, their condition did not allow them to be allowed on the plane. The port officers in Poznań had their hands full.

On October 30, the Nadodrzański Border Guard Unit reported the unpleasant action at the airport. It all took place on October 28 in the port of Poznań-Ławica. The woman and the man wanted to go to Georgia, but they were so drunk and aggressive that intervention and arrest were necessary.

Drunk passengers in Poznań. The services intervened

A 39-year-old woman from Poland and a 49-year-old man from Belarus were going to Georgia together. Unfortunately, they had to party too much before leaving because their condition did not allow them to travel safely. Their behavior immediately attracted the attention of airport employees and other tourists.

Both drunks were not allowed to board the plane that was to fly from Ławica to Georgia because they were disturbing law and order at the port. According to reports from people present at the scene, the pair of passengers behaved loudly and aggressively, insulted others and used vulgar words. Moreover, she did not follow the staff’s instructions. Only the intervention of officers from the Border Guard Specialist Inspection Team helped.

Instead of going to Georgia, they ended up in a sobering-up room

The action of the man and the woman resulted in serious consequences. Not only did they miss their flight, but they were also fined. Before they were released home, they both went to a sobering-up room. It turned out that the travelers’ condition did not allow them to be released immediately because they could pose a threat to others.

The drunk tourists smelled of alcohol and were hyperactive. After police officers arrived, both the Pole and the Belarusian were examined. It turned out that their exhaled air contained 2.55 and 2.24 per mille. The woman and the man were lectured only after they sobered up. They were informed of the consequences for not following the instructions of airport employees and violating other important rules. They received fines of PLN 500 and PLN 100.

Unfortunately, this type of situations happen often. Tourists from Poland have often been unable to go on their dream holidays, including: because they threatened with a bomb or were under the influence of alcohol. When staying at the airport, you must remain calm and cautious, otherwise you may end up paying dearly for everything and irrevocably losing your valuable vacation.

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