The climbers were stuck above a precipice. All because of queues to the famous peak

The climbers were stuck above a precipice.  All because of queues to the famous peak

In the summer, photos showing the route to the top of Mount Everest regularly circulate on the Internet. Although we are talking about the highest mountain in the world (8,849 m above sea level), it is crowded and many people want to conquer this peak. That's why queues are forming here, the photos of which spark discussions on the Internet.

However, it turns out that not only Mount Everest is under siege. Mount Yandang in China has also recently become so popular that you can get stuck on the way to its peak. Climbers who have been waiting in an hour-long queue in recent days to move on have found this out.

Cable car to the summit in China. The climbers were stuck above a precipice

Chinese climbers were stuck on a cliff for over an hour because they were too interested in a known route. The incident occurred earlier this week in eastern China. The climbers “hanged” on the steep wall of Mount Yandang for a long time. Their photos went viral and electrified Internet users.

Photos show climbers hanging from the side of a cliff, waiting for others to make progress on the trail. Meanwhile, they waited on metal rungs attached to the top.

The Internet went into a frenzy

“It's horrifying! Someone like me who is afraid of heights might not be able to stand it!” – wrote one of the Chinese Internet users. “I won't go even if they offer me cash for it,” someone else added.

Another commenter asked what would happen if one of the climbers fell and needed rescuing. However, they were all shown wearing helmets, harnesses and protective equipment. Wenzhou Dingcheng Sports Development Co., Ltd, which manages the via ferrata, said it had underestimated the number of people interested in mountain climbing.

“Due to our misjudgment of customer numbers, the lack of effective traffic control such as a ticket reservation system, and on-site management deficiencies, customers were trapped on the climbing route,” the company said in a statement.

Its representatives also added that they are temporarily suspending ticket sales until they deal with the situation internally, and will implement a traffic control system for visitors in the future.

Yandang Mountain is located approximately 410 kilometers south of Shanghai, in Zhejiang Province. M height 1,150 meters above sea level. It was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2001 and is popular among tourists.

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