Lech Poznań winning the match in the snow. Velde again provided valuable points

Lech Poznań winning the match in the snow.  Velde again provided valuable points

Korona Kielce and Lech Poznań played in conditions never seen before. The ball disappeared in the eyes of fans and commentators. Ultimately, John van den Brom’s players took three points.

The match between Korona Kielce and Lech Poznań took place in truly frosty conditions. For a long time it was not known whether the clash actually took place. However, when the players ran onto the pitch, they did not provide the fans with visually pleasing football. Lech Poznań won 1-0 after Kristoffer Velde’s goal, which makes the club’s fans from the capital of Greater Poland very happy.

Half in Kielce without history

The match started with Lech’s offensive play. John van den Brom’s players could have taken advantage of Piotr Malarczyk’s error in the 4th minute. Ba Loua took the ball and passed it to Gholizadeh, but his shot on the ground was deflected by Dziekoński. In turn, Mikael Ishak’s rebound went high over the Kielce team’s goal. The Poznań team had the ball more often, but with the snow-covered pitch they were unable to create any dangerous opportunities. The difficult conditions for the players in the capital of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship are demonstrated by the fact that Ba Loua had to leave the field due to a slip (injury) in the 26th minute. A few minutes later, the referee had to stop the match, but this was due to a fan invading the pitch.

Ultimately, none of the teams had the so-called 100% chance of scoring in the first half. For 45 minutes, there was only one shot on target (Lech), although the Poznań team had the advantage in possession of the ball. Even the expected goals indicators (xG for Korona – 0.32, for Lech – 0.5) seemed to say that no one in Kielce watched the spectacular spectacle in the first half.

Fighting against weather conditions for Lech

We didn’t see great football in the second half either. A few minutes after the game was resumed, Xavier Dziekoński needed medical help. Lech still had more initiative, but Korona also had a few minutes to press on Mrozek’s goal. A particularly dangerous situation occurred in the 68th minute. Barry Douglas lost the ball. Podgórski took it over, passed it to Remacle, who passed it to Szykauka. However, he was unable to put the ball into the net, although he had a very good opportunity.

In the 82nd minute, the guests had a good opportunity to score the first goal of the match. Velde broke through the Kielce defense and fired a technically good shot. Dziekoński made an even better intervention and saved the shot. A moment later, Korona dismissed the threat, but in the end, Lech was more active in building the action. The fight paid off in the 88th minute. Again, Velde received the ball and carried it across a large part of the pitch. After a while, he brilliantly hit the far post of Dziekoński’s goal. The Kielce goalkeeper was unable to defend the shot. After a few minutes of a desperate attack by the Kielce team and an equally desperate defense by the Poznań team, the referee ended the match. A modest 1-0 victory gave Lech three important points.

Lech Poznań is fighting for the Polish championship

After winning the match, Lech Poznań has 32 points and is in 3rd place. It is 4 points behind the leader, Śląsk Wrocław. Korona, in turn, is 14th with 17 points scored so far.

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