There was no feta cheese. The shovel for the construction of the CPK has been broken, and the first works are underway

There was no feta cheese.  The shovel for the construction of the CPK has been broken, and the first works are underway

We are in the process of obtaining a location decision for the construction of an airport under the Central Communication Program – said Marcin Horała, deputy minister of funds and regional policy, government plenipotentiary for CPK, on ​​Tuesday on Radio Zet.

Horała confirmed that “as far as the airport itself is concerned, we have started preparatory construction works, or to put it journalistically: the groundbreaking has taken place,” said Marcin Horała, Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy.

He added that proceedings for a location decision are ongoing. He is “satisfied” with the implementation of programs under the CPK. “We are sticking to the schedule,” assured Horała.

The deputy minister recalled that over 1,000 hectares of land were purchased for the construction of the CPK under the Voluntary Acquisition Program, and “1,300 owners of 3,600 hectares signed up for the program.” He added that negotiations and talks are ongoing and further contracts are being concluded.

Horała about the Voluntary Acquisition Program

In September, Horała pointed out that there were lies in public space about those allegedly harmed by expropriation. Meanwhile, he argued, CPK is the first investment in history that began completely without expropriations, solely on the basis of voluntary acquisitions.

– The success of the Voluntary Acquisition Program results from the fact that we analyzed the situation of all residents, families and households in the investment area. The program is so flexible that everyone can find a solution that suits their situation – said Horała, emphasizing that the documents are signed voluntarily on the basis of a civil law contract.

What are the rates for expropriation?

In a recent interview for Polish Radio 24, Horała talked about the rates offered for expropriation in connection with the construction of the CPK. The politician emphasized that they depend on the value of the land – agricultural land is worth less than a building plot. – Land that is a building plot with good communication and utilities may cost up to PLN 200, and agricultural land may cost several dozen (PLN) per square meter – said the government plenipotentiary for CPK.

CPK spokesman Konrad Maksyk emphasizes that the value of each property is determined by independent appraisers selected through a public tender. – When selling real estate, owners receive an offer of 140%. market value of buildings and 120 percent land value. This means that, for example, they can get PLN 1,400,000 for a house worth PLN 1 million under PDN. PLN – indicated Maksyk.

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