Ziobro submits an application to the Constitutional Tribunal. “Armageddon awaits us”

Ziobro submits an application to the Constitutional Tribunal.  "Armageddon awaits us"

Zbigniew Ziobro returned to public life after the elections and announced that he was submitting an application to the Constitutional Tribunal to ban the sale of combustion cars. He emphasized that this is to prevent the new ruling coalition from working towards implementing EU plans.

The Minister of Justice disappeared from public life before the parliamentary elections and remained silent for several days. On Friday, Zbigniew Ziobro appeared in the media again to inform about the application submitted to the Constitutional Tribunal chaired by Julia Przyłębska. The document concerns the EU regulation banning the registration of combustion cars.

Zbigniew Ziobro: Armageddon awaits us

The Prosecutor General stated that, in his opinion, the regulation may have disastrous consequences for the financial situation of Poles. – EU decisions bring misfortune to Poles. They lead to far-reaching consequences when it comes to the material status of many of our compatriots, he said. – For many Polish companies, the liquidation of combustion cars will mean liquidation, the end of their existence (…). Electric cars will be beyond the financial reach of these companies, he added.

In his opinion, the regulation puts “Poland at risk of Armageddon.” According to Ziobro, the regulation was adopted in a manner inconsistent with the treaties. – The regulation violates the principles of unanimity in making such decisions. In cases of energy mix, the treaties talk about unanimity, but in this case it did not happen, he said. – There is no consent to take decisions in such strategic areas without Poles and our Constitution – he thundered.

Ziobro then informed that he had already submitted to the Constitutional Tribunal an application for a regulation introducing a ban on the registration of combustion cars from 2035. He emphasized that he counted on the reliable consideration of this application, but continued that he wanted to make the work of the new government more difficult. – I trust that the Constitutional Tribunal will quickly address this problem, preventing the new government coalition from implementing these actions – he noted.

After the speech, the minister, who had remained elusive for several days, left the room very quickly and did not answer questions from the numerous journalists gathered in the ministry building.

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