Luxury, nature and dreams come true – a perfect property and a synonym of luxury

Luxury, nature and dreams come true - a perfect property and a synonym of luxury

If any place in Poland can be called a paradise on earth, it is certainly the “Ostrobrzeg” estate in Kadyny. It meets all the requirements of luxury properties. We will tell you in the story below how dreams are born and how to turn them into action. It is a story about what life is like surrounded by nature, peace and a magical atmosphere. All this is located in a luxurious estate with a stud farm – “Ostrobrzeg”.

How dreams come true

The current owners of the property fulfilled their dream over 20 years ago. They then established a recognized Arabian horse breeding farm – “Ostrobrzeg”. They received the National Breeder of the Year award twice in a row for outstanding achievements. This is not surprising, because the area and terrain conditions around the “Ostrobrzeg” estate are perfect for breeding Arabian horses.

The village of Kadyny, next to which the estate is located, is located on the Vistula Lagoon, just a dozen or so kilometers from Elbląg. The estate is located on a plateau at an altitude of approximately 110 m above sea level, which creates a unique microclimate there.

In such a charming place there are not only great conditions for breeding Arabian horses. It is also a unique place for hunters, as the surrounding forests are inhabited by many species of animals. The 60-hectare estate has a pond and the entire area is surrounded by fields perfect for growing cereals or grazing horses.

A unique property

Now that we know how magical the surroundings of the estate are, we will be curious to look inside. The residential house, located on the estate, has 429 m2 and was built in the Scandinavian style.

On the ground floor you will find attractions such as: an original wine cellar, a living room with a fireplace and a representative hall. On the first floor there is the master bedroom with its own dressing room, bathroom and balcony, and four other bedrooms for guests and household members. The entire area also includes a guest house with an area of ​​160 m2, two social buildings and 3 separate stables.

Why it’s not worth waiting

We promised you paradise on earth and this is exactly what this property is. Undoubtedly, if you dream of your own stud farm, you will not find a better place or better conditions anywhere in Poland. Once you devote yourself to this passion, the property will charm you with its luxury.

Let’s not forget about the magic of nature in “Ostrobrzeg”. The almost idyllic circumstances guarantee perfect conditions for rest, hunting and relaxation. Most importantly, the property is located almost by the sea, a dozen or so kilometers from Elbląg and approximately 70 km. from Tricity.

If you would like to get to know this place better, you can find more information about this offer at this link. It is located in the renowned luxury real estate agency – Crystal House, which specializes in such offers in Poland and throughout Europe. While viewing the “Ostrobrzeg” estate, also pay attention to other unique Crystal House offers. Maybe one of them will make your dreams come true?

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