Daniel Obajtek honestly about his breakdown and suicide attempt. “They wanted to rot me”

Daniel Obajtek honestly about his breakdown and suicide attempt.  "They wanted to rot me"

Daniel Obajtek made an honest confession in a conversation with Journalist. The former head of Orlen admitted that he had had difficult experiences.

Daniel Obajtek appeared on the Journalist's podcast. The former president of Orlen did not spare warm words towards Jarosław Kaczyński. He emphasized that he was the PiS president's man and he was not ashamed of it at all. – This is a completely different man as he is portrayed in the media. There was an attack on my position more than once, and PiS activists really wanted me replaced. And I always had this ability to go in and explain myself. He accepted it with understanding, said the MEP candidate.

Daniel Obajtek in Journalist about a suicide attempt

The former head of Orlen also revealed some details from his private life. He admitted that he had to face many problems during his school days. – I wanted to do a lot for the school. This was not welcomed, so I was kicked and expelled from school. The supervisory office ordered me to be reinstated immediately. Well, mentally I couldn't stand it anymore, he said. – It was my nervous breakdown, I ended up in hospital after an attempt – he added.

When asked by the Journalist whether it was a suicide attempt, Daniel Obajtek answered affirmatively. – I ended up in hospital because everyone was attacking me. They wanted to rot me, destroy me, throw me out of school, I couldn't look my parents in the eye, he added.

Daniel Obajtek and difficult school times

The situation mentioned by the former head of Orlen concerns 1994. Retired school Polish teacher Bogusław Pachniowski recalled in “Newsweek” that Daniel Obajtek caused problems as a member of the school council – When we started to look at the council's finances, he accused us of harassing and destroying it, he simply started slandering us. He was incredibly arrogant. In the end, he actually sent politicians and officials from the Ministry of Education against us, said the teacher.

The director of the veterinary technical school in Nowy Targ, where Daniel Obajtek studied, accused the student of, among other things, slandering the good name of the educator, blackmailing the teaching council, as well as failing to provide a full accounting of the local government's business activities and arrogant behavior towards teachers.

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