The wind tore her to pieces. Now the iconic toilet in the Tatra Mountains is open again

The wind tore her to pieces.  Now the iconic toilet in the Tatra Mountains is open again

Quite recently, we informed about the end of the famous Tatra toilet. It was devastated by strong winds, which was not without notice in the mountain environment. Today it turns out that everything has been renovated.

Many Tatra lovers hoped for this turn of events. After the famous toilet was destroyed by the halny storm, many people felt sadness. Today we know that there is no evil that does not come to good – information about the renovated place is circulating on the Internet. It turns out that it looks really unique again.

A new toilet in the Tatra Mountains. The renovation was a success

You can learn about the renovated toilet in the Tatra Mountains, among others: via Facebook, where one of the women published a post with a photo. He also informed about the matter, among others: Wirtualna Polska portal. Photos published on social media show a completely new toilet in a very similar style to the one that existed before. “The toilet at Rysami is almost as before, although two walls are still missing, but you can use it,” wrote Mrs. Lidka.

Virtually all Internet users liked the good news, who shared the message en masse and reacted to the post. “This toilet is almost like a pine tree in Sokolica, impossible to recreate,” some wrote. “Better view and ventilation,” someone else wrote. There were also people who pointed out that more points of this type would be useful, because visiting bushes is not safe or convenient.

A toilet from the Tatra Mountains is important for tourists. Her loss hurt

The fact that the mountains quickly started renovating the destroyed toilet is only proof of how important it was for tourists. It was considered cult by many, including: due to its colorful and unique character and views in the area. It should be noted that the point is located in the very center of peaks and rocks, which seems downright extreme and dangerous.

The mentioned toilet is located next to Chata pod Rysami and attracts the attention of even those who do not need to use it. Some people were there just to take a photo, and the lines were extremely long. Now it turns out that this tradition will be able to continue. Until now, the outside wooden walls were covered with colorful paintings, today we can see such paintings only on the doors, while the rest is made of dark brown wood.

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