A Pole threatened with a bomb and TNT at Chopin Airport. He was not allowed to board the plane

A Pole threatened with a bomb and TNT at Chopin Airport.  He was not allowed to board the plane

The Border Guard reported another incident this year involving threats with explosives at the airport. The alarm was close again. A man from Poland was punished.

A tourist appeared at Warsaw Chopin Airport and initially did not raise any suspicions. Unfortunately, after a while it turned out that it could be dangerous. He started threatening the officers that he had a bomb and tritol in his luggage. The consequences of the act turned out to be serious.

Threats at Chopin Airport. The man overdid it

The case was reported by the Nadwiślański Branch of the Border Guard. A 36-year-old resident of the Masovian Voivodeship started threatening that he had TNT and a bomb on him. The incident occurred at one of the security checkpoints in the AB zone of Warsaw Chopin Airport. After the man’s threats, the Special Intervention Group from the Warsaw-Okęcie Border Guard Station was the first to initiate action. The passenger was isolated from other travelers and checked.

As usual, the action aroused many suspicions and speculations that it might be a stupid joke. Fortunately, it turned out that there was no threat. The Polish joker from Chopin Airport was supposed to fly to Eindhoven in the Netherlands, but due to his act he was not allowed to board the plane.

Thousands of similar actions take place around the world. Many people may be shocked that there are still people who still use this strange and unprofitable joke. Recently, a bomb scare occurred in Poland, among others. a tourist from Zakopane, which caused difficulties for the port in Katowice.

The punishment for making a bomb scare at an airport is severe

The man was punished not only by the captain of the plane departing from Chopin Airport to the Netherlands, but also by the Border Guard. He was fined PLN 500. This is an offense under Art. 210 section 1 point 5a of the Aviation Law Act. It is known that the tourist apologized for his behavior and regretfully had to return home.

Before traveling and during check-in, it is worth remembering many rules. It is forbidden not only to talk about explosives, but also to bring unregistered or previously undeclared weapons. It is also worth making sure that we have valid documents and that we are not carrying any prohibited items, hidden animals or plants. Information about what is allowed and what is not can be found on the government websites of the specific countries we visit.

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