A holiday paradise wants to change the rules. “Such behavior degrades the dignity of citizens”

A holiday paradise wants to change the rules.  "Such behavior degrades the dignity of citizens"

In the well-known holiday paradise, they want to put an end to the iconic greetings. These are the ones with dancing and shouting. The country’s president sharply criticizes such behavior and wants to confront it. Tourists may like the new rules.

Every country has its own country – this has been known for a long time. Sometimes the rules in place can be quite annoying for visitors. Several of these are still in force in Tunisia. While they are something normal for locals, they often cause a fever for tourists. On October 3, important declarations were made on this matter.

Changing the rules in Tunisia? They want an end to screaming and dancing

Tunisian President Qais Said recently commented on the changes. On October 3, at a meeting with the Minister of Tourism, Mohamed Moiz Belhoussein, he expressed particular regret that the shouting and dancing performed by the residents to tourists was unacceptable. “Such behavior degrades the dignity of Tunisian citizens,” he said during the meeting.

Have any of you seen anyone in Paris, London or any other country greet tourists this way? – the president asked the officials. After his speech, he was quoted by many foreign media, including: RIA Novosti. In his opinion, Tunisia should move forward and must develop, and the above-mentioned behavior may be negatively perceived by visitors.

Ban on greeting tourists. It’s still unofficial

Although the ban on greeting tourists with shouting and dancing has not yet been legally established, there are many indications that Tunisia may be starting to move in this direction. It seems that at the beginning the president wants to try to persuade citizens to change their attitudes, quite gently and freely. Will this help? This will probably be most verified during the next holiday season.

It should be noted that according to data provided, among others, by the Polish Chamber of Tourism Tunisia is still one of the most frequently chosen holiday destinations. Although it is far from Turkey, Egypt or Greece, it is still chosen by 6.8 percent. Poles. For many of them, being greeted with shouts can be extremely tiring. According to President Said, revenues from tourism are in the second position in the Tunisian budget, and the first is currency revenues from Tunisians living abroad, for this reason it is worth and should fight against the rules that are no longer fashionable. He emphasized that he did not want to observe such behavior, especially in public places.

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