The tourists were hanging upside down. Dangerous accident at an amusement park

The tourists were hanging upside down.  Dangerous accident at an amusement park

Tourists were not expecting such an experience while visiting the iconic attraction. Scenes from a horror movie took place on the roller coaster. Due to the failure, everyone was hanging upside down.

An unexpected incident occurred in Japan. Tourists going to the Universal Studios Japan adventure park in Osaka did not expect that this trip would leave such terrible memories in their minds. The roller coaster started with 32 people on board. Suddenly she stopped moving.

Tourists hung on a roller coaster. Breakdown at the adventure park

The aforementioned roller coaster in Osaka gave out. Due to a failure, one of the carriages stopped almost 40 meters above the ground. According to foreign media, the queue at Universal Studios Japan stopped at the highest point of the ride. The roller coaster is extreme not only because of its height, but also because it offers 360-degree rotations. Unforeseen additional experiences can mean too much even for the most die-hard fans of such attractions.

Some time ago in the USA there was a story similar to the one that happened now in Japan. Then in Forest County in Crandon, Wisconsin, passengers on a roller coaster hung upside down on the roller coaster for about three hours. This time, 32 people who were trapped on the Osaco cable car had to leave it via emergency stairs.

Tourists hanging upside down were rescued

After the unfortunate accident occurred, the park employees responded quickly. They brought passengers down via safe emergency stairs. The entire evacuation took about 50 minutes. Fortunately, there were no physical injuries, but many people experienced trauma.

Representatives of the park told the media that this type of failure is part of the life of the amusement park and may happen. It turns out that sometimes, despite all care, it is impossible to predict such incidents. In this case, the exact cause of the problem has not been determined. Technicians reviewed the rollercoaster system and found no abnormalities. About two hours after the incident, the queue started again.

Similar accidents on the mentioned railway in Japan have already occurred, among others: in 2016 and 2019. Then, tourists hung upside down for up to several hours.

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