Fires continue to destroy tourist spots. The tragic effects of arson in Sardinia

Fires continue to destroy tourist spots.  The tragic effects of arson in Sardinia

The Italian island is in danger. Thousands of people are evacuated because of the fires, and the search for arsonists is unsuccessful. This is another tragic situation in the tourist region.

Tourists choosing such popular destinations as Greece or Italy this year are not very lucky. Major fires and disasters have been occurring in these regions for a month. These are related not only to the heat, but also to the deliberate actions of arsonists. Now the danger awaits us, among others, in Sardinia.

Fires in Sardinia. The situation looks dangerous

Sardinia is one of the most popular Italian islands. This rocky place located in the Mediterranean Sea attracts thousands of tourists from around the world and delights with beautiful weather, lush vegetation, beaches and crystal clear water. Although it is worth going there for many reasons, unfortunately, now most people will not feel safe there.

The reason for the bad situation is the fires caused mainly by local arsonists. Recently, as a result of these events, at least four people were injured, hundreds of hectares of land burned, and a thousand people were evacuated. Not only locals, but also tourists are in danger. Previously, a similar situation had already taken place in Rhodes or in Palermo. Recently, tragic events have also been noticed in Portugal.

Dangerous events in Sardinia take place in Gairo in the area of ​​the city of Nuoro. The fire appeared in the cities of Posada and Siniscola. The fires were probably caused by arson – with the wind reaching speed up to 110 km per hour, the flames spread rapidly.

The search for the arsonists is underway

The traces of arson in Sardinia were discovered by the forest guard, who is actively looking for arsonists – they are to bear the consequences of their actions. As a result of the fires, many people suffered, many of whom were deprived of access to water. Tourists were evacuated from resorts such as Quartu Sant’Elena and Costa Rei, and locals from their homes.

The head of the Sardinia region, Christian Solinas, assured everyone that the perpetrators would be found, but at the moment the case still remains unsolved. The causes of fires are also determined, as it may turn out that in some cases they occurred naturally.

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