He invented a revolutionary housing program for Poles. “Everyone will make money from it”

He invented a revolutionary housing program for Poles.  "Everyone will make money from it"

– Basic assumptions: the program is addressed to all Poles, to make it fair. Nobody pays anyone anything extra. My idea for the development of the housing market is to use a cheap, easily accessible mortgage loan for this purpose. – says Krzysztof Oppenheim, a financial expert in mortgage loans.

Szymon Krawiec, “Wprost”: Why can't young Poles afford an apartment?

Krzysztof Oppenheim: The first important issue: we focus too much on these “young people”, forgetting about the rest of Poles. As a result, unnatural and immoral aid programs are created, the goal of which is to pay very significant amounts of money for the purchase of apartments, especially for the “young” ones. Also when they are in a great situation. For me it is a distortion, even a pathology, and I have been struggling with it for many years.

Doesn't a Pole over 40 years of age, who does not come from a wealthy family and has not previously collected funds for his own contribution, deserve the interest of our authorities to support his efforts in purchasing real estate?

We already had the government program Family on Your Own, there was Apartment for the Young, there was Safe Credit 2%. How do you rate them?

They all contained the same mistakes: they were based on very high subsidies for the purchase of real estate, and the beneficiaries of these generous gifts were the wealthiest Poles of the young generation. Please note that one of the programs – Housing for the Young – already in its name indicates that it is contrary to the Constitution, Article 32, i.e. equality and the prohibition of discrimination. The “old” were automatically excluded from generous government benefits. So we are dealing here with age discrimination. I wonder what the reaction would be to a government program called “Apartment for Heterosexuals” or “Apartment for Educated People”.

However, someone is using these programs. Not even someone, but hundreds of thousands.

Yes, there is great interest. Especially if we realize the amount of budget subsidies we are talking about here: it was up to PLN 170,000. PLN bonus for the purchase of one property. So maybe let's go further: let's just give away apartments for free? There will be even more people interested.

Now Mieszkanie na Start is to be launched. Is there a new quality coming?

It's the same economic idiocy as Safe Credit 2%, only much more confusing.

PiS tried to build apartments. There were supposed to be 100,000 of them, but it turned out to be 20,000. Rafał Trzaskowski also promised apartments, but nothing came of it. The state cannot and is not suitable for this, or is it precisely these politicians who failed?

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