This is how Russian intelligence used OpenAI. He disinformed, among others, in Poland

This is how Russian intelligence used OpenAI.  He disinformed, among others,  in Poland

OpenAI said it had identified five online campaigns that used artificial intelligence models to spread Russian propaganda, including: in Poland.

OpenAI said in a new report that these disinformation campaigns were successfully identified and disrupted. The accounts associated with these operations have been deleted.

These activities were carried out by state entities and private companies in Russia, China, Iran and Israel in order to deceive and manipulate public opinion. These operations used OpenAI technology to generate social media posts, translate and edit articles, write headlines, and debug computer programs, typically to gain support for political campaigns or change public opinion in geopolitical conflicts.

Artificial intelligence in the hands of Russia and China. This is how people were manipulated in Poland

The report reported on a previously undescribed operation that the owners of OpenAI called Bad Grammar. It was conducted mainly on Telegram and targeted Ukraine, Moldova, the Baltic countries and the United States. “The people behind Bad Grammar used our models to debug code to run a Telegram bot and create short, political comments in Russian and English, which were then published on the messenger,” we read.

As part of the previously known Operation Doppelganger, linked to Russian intelligence, the Russians used artificial intelligence models to create posts in French, German, Italian and Polish, which were posted on the X website (formerly Twitter) and the 9GAG meme website, and also to create entire articles posted on websites imitating real media.

OpenAI models have also been used by groups in China, Israel and Iran. These entities manipulated audiences by writing about a variety of topics: Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the conflict in the Gaza Strip, elections in India, politics in Europe and the United States, and criticism of the Chinese government by Chinese dissidents and foreign governments.

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