The Third Way is in increasing trouble. “Tusk's fault”

The Third Way is in increasing trouble.  "Tusk's fault"

The local elections are fast approaching. In its final stretch, Third Path has little reason to be satisfied. Some politicians blame Donald Tusk for the situation.

There are less than 10 days left until the local elections. In the final stretch before the vote, Third Way does not have much reason to be satisfied. Polls show that the PSL and Poland 2050 alliance can count on a result of about 10 percent. In the latest IBRiS survey, 10.7% of people declared they would vote for the coalition. respondents and in the CBOS survey – 9%.

Third Droga recorded slightly better results in Pollster polls – 13.6%. and Uniterd Surveys – 13.5 percent. These results are much below the expectations of the formation's leaders, who recently expected a result of 20%.

Local government elections. Poor result of the Third Way

The head of the PSL local government campaign, Adam Jarubas, assured in an interview with Interia that the People's Party is aware of the unfavorable trend in the polls. – Although I think it has already been stopped and our activity in the final stretch of the campaign will bring results – said the politician. When asked about the reasons for the decline in support, he mentioned, among others: confusion around abortion.

– Differences in the coalition do not help us. Likewise, too few specific settlements in investigative committees, plus agricultural protests and the feeling that these problems were solved too slowly, he said. Adam Jarubas added, however, that many years of experience show that the People's Party is always underestimated in polls before the local government elections.

The former minister blames Donald Tusk

As reported by Interia, some Third Way activists say behind the scenes that Donald Tusk is to blame for the coalition's weaker results. – These actions reflect Donald Tusk's well-known and deliberate tactic to weaken the competition as much as possible and return to the proven duopoly. This is what the recent actions, including the entry into the houses of Sovereign Poland's politicians, are intended to achieve. It's clear as day. There is a strong Tusk, which holds people accountable, and a defensive PiS, which accuses Tusk. Everything revolves around two camps, and the rest are marginalized – said Marek Sawicki from PSL.

According to the former Minister of Agriculture, the timing of searches in politicians' homes is not accidental. – I have been in politics too long to believe in such cases. The idea was to create confusion before the elections. Confusion that works to the advantage of the PiS and KO duopoly, he said.

According to the politician, Third Way will achieve good results in the elections. – We will have stronger representation in local governments than it seems today. We have recognizable candidates, a good campaign and experience in local Polish affairs, he concluded.

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