The PiS senator again compared Tusk to Hitler. Marshal Grodzki reacts

The PiS senator again compared Tusk to Hitler.  Marshal Grodzki reacts

On Tuesday, August 8, Jacek Bogucki from PiS published a graphic on his Twitter account comparing Adolf Hitler with Donald Tusk. Such behavior could not be ignored by the Marshal of the Senate, Tomasz Grodzki, who announced that the politician would be held accountable.

“100 years ago, Adolf Hitler first tried to seize power in the street. 90 years ago he won the elections in Germany. How it ended… We remember,” Senator Jacek Bogucki wrote on Twitter. “Fortunately, Poland is not Germany, and Tusk is not Hitler, although the similarity … of certain actions…” – the politician stopped his thought. Three hashtags joined the message: #Elections #15October and #WygraPiS.

How did Bogucki explain juxtaposing Tusk with Hitler?

This is not the first time Bogucki has compared Tusk to the leader of Nazi Germany. – Donald Tusk is a ruthless politician with a Nazi face – he stated at the beginning of June on TVP Białystok. Asked about that case by journalists, he stated that “no words” are inappropriate” towards the head of PO. “These were not outrageous words, just taken out of context. (…) If someone takes advantage of the death of a child, that’s the worst thing for me – he defended himself.

He also maintained his opinion in a longer statement for Onet. “I said that a long time ago. People’s deaths must not be used for political purposes. And Donald Tusk still uses people’s deaths and tragedies. And I do not agree to it – he emphasized, mentioning “the case of Mrs. Joanna or the 8-year-old from Częstochowa.” – This is my objection against the use of human tragedies by Tusk and accusing PiS of being pathologies and serial killers – he added.

The Marshal of the Senate comments on Bogucki’s words

“The Senate ethics committee has already reprimanded Senator Bogucki once for disgracefully comparing Donald Tusk to Hitler. Apparently, it taught him nothing. With his scandalous entry, he once again violated the senator’s dignity and the good name of the PO leader. This behavior will not go unanswered,” announced the Marshal of the Senate, Tomasz Grodzki, on Thursday, August 10.

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