The PiS MP wanted to mock TVN24. He was singled out by the station’s reporters

The PiS MP wanted to mock TVN24.  He was singled out by the station's reporters

“Straight from the TVN24 control room!” – wrote Marcin Przydacz, posting a photo against the background of several monitors. In this way, he referred to the photo of PiS MP Joanna Lichocka from the TVP building. However, as it turns out, Przydacz… was not in the control room at all. “They didn’t get the joke,” the politician says.

When on Wednesday, just after 10 p.m., MPs voted on the resolution on public media, PiS MP Joanna Lichocka published a photo from the TVP building at Powstańców Warszawy Square. The photo caused quite a stir, and according to politicians of the new coalition, it illustrated the political dependence of Telewizja Publiczna on PiS politicians, because the MP took a photo of herself in the TVP control room. “Symbolic,” said KO MP Krzysztof Brejza briefly.

On Friday, a similar photo, but from the TVN24 building, was published by PiS MP Marcin Przydacz. “Straight from the TVN24 control room! Discussion coming soon. I invite!” – he wrote. However, he quickly received a response from the station’s reporters. “MP Marcin Przydacz is lying. This is not a control room, but virtual graphics monitors,” explained Łukasz Frątczak. “Quick fact-check. She’s not a director. This is where the guys upload the virtual set, turn on the lights and supervise the levels in the cameras,” added Artur Molęda.

A PiS politician explains his joke

Przydacz also decided to explain his “joke”, which, in his opinion, some people “didn’t get it”. “Unfortunately, I slightly overestimated the sharpness of the minds of some politicians of the ruling coalition,” said the PiS politician. “Let me explain. It is possible to take a photo at the entrance to the studio on any television. Both on TVN24 and TVP Info. This does not mean politicization. Well, unless someone seriously thinks that by taking a photo with a monitor I would influence some television or a journalist. If so, I am very sorry, but I am no longer responsible for such long journeys with reason,” he wrote.

Similar explanations also appeared from other PiS politicians. In an interview with “Wprost”, Lichocka was defended by MP Joanna Borowiak. – Each of us, being a guest of a journalistic program on TVP Info, can take a photo, he has the right to do so. The fact that someone takes a photo in the control room where we are waiting to enter the “Guest News” program does not indicate partisanship. This is an allegation intended as a smokescreen, she said.

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