The student flies to classes by plane. It's more profitable for him this way

The student flies to classes by plane.  It's more profitable for him this way

A student from Canada came up with an idea on how to save money during his studies. Instead of renting an apartment where his university is located, he flies to school twice a week.

Tim Chen lives in Calgary but studies in Vancouver. Both places are approximately 1,000 km away from each other. However, renting an apartment in a place where there is a university is very expensive. Therefore, the student came up with an unusual idea. He decided that instead of paying rent he would fly to school. It turns out that he saves money on this.

He flies to college. This is how he saves on rent

A University of British Columbia student has made headlines after sharing that he flies to the university twice a week to avoid paying rent. Tim Chen says flying to class is cheaper than paying monthly rent for an apartment in Vancouver. He only goes to university twice a week.

A student spends roughly $150 on a round-trip flight, which works out to almost $1,200 a month. Meanwhile, rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver would cost him about $2,100 a month.

The story electrified the Internet

The man shared his experiences on Reddit.

“I live in Calgary and commute to UBC. I have two days that I have to go to school for classes (Tuesday and Thursday). I fly to Vancouver in the morning and fly back to Calgary in the evening. I made all my flights with Air Canada, and in January I made 7 such round-trip flights. I noticed that I was saving so much on rent. I live with my parents in Calgary and contribute to their utility bills,” the student wrote.

While some users of the platform were impressed with his decision, others felt that frequent flights would be too burdensome and time-consuming for them.

“The travel time is not that bad. But having to show up at the airport so often is a poor option. I'm sure missing the flight would be a big challenge,” wrote one Internet user. Another commented: “A modern problem requires a modern solution!”

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