These are the best cities for pilgrimages in Poland. Seniors feel especially good in them

These are the best cities for pilgrimages in Poland.  Seniors feel especially good in them

Pilgrimages in Poland are very popular. Although the main focus is on the religious aspect, you can also visit beautiful places. We especially recommend these.

People of all ages are interested in pilgrimages. We take advantage of both organized trips as well as solo or smaller group trips. Young and seniors go on a journey to iconic religious places. Some places are particularly popular with older people. We have created a list of TOP 5 pilgrimage points in Poland. These are timeless hits that everyone should visit.

TOP list of pilgrimage cities in Poland

Before we move on to presenting you our five best suggestions for a pilgrimage in Poland, we would like to draw attention to what it really matters whether a given place is considered important for the church and believers. Of course, we are talking about points on the map of the country that are known for various kinds of miracles and revelations. This is where we will find the most important and impressive sanctuaries and churches. Pilgrims who visit such places usually walk 15 to 25 km a day. All this is accompanied by prayers and songs. Once we reach our destination, we can continue to participate in cults and religious ceremonies. However, it is also worth visiting the surroundings of these cities.

1. Częstochowa and Jasna Góra

The city that is particularly associated with pilgrimages is, of course, Częstochowa. This is where the famous Jasna Góra is located, i.e. the point of the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Częstochowa and the monastery. It is a great center of Marian cult, visited by tourists and clergy from all over the world. The most important element of the temple there is the so-called a miraculous painting to which visitors have been praying for hundreds of years. While there, it is worth not only to pray, but also to see the famous knights' hall, the rosary chapel, the treasury and the 600th anniversary museum.

2. Lichen

When it comes to Licheń, you should know that it is the largest sanctuary in the country. We can find them in a small village called Licheń Stary in the province. Greater Poland. It is approximately 75 km from Gniezno and approximately 120 km from Poznań. There we will see, among others: an image of the Virgin Mary hugging the Polish emblem to her heart. The sanctuary also includes, among others: Calvary 25 meters high. The place is special because many apparitions took place there. Some people treat everything as just legends, but the pilgrims who get there pray, among others: for healings or asking for grace in other matters important to them.

3. Łagiewniki in Krakow

Łagiewniki in Krakow is another important pilgrimage site. This is where the world center of the cult of Divine Mercy, the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy, is located. The most important elements are the monastery chapel, which houses a painting of Merciful Jesus painted by Adolf Hyła and a coffin-reliquary with the remains of Saint. Sister Faustina. Łagiewniki itself is an area of ​​Krakow located in the southern part of the city.

4. Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska is also located in Lesser Poland. All this on the border of Beskid Makowski and Pogórze Wielickie, at the foot of Mount Żar. We are talking about a city in Wadowice County, which is particularly associated with Pope John Paul II. Apparently this is where the streets he loved and the areas he often returned to are located. In the mentioned area, visitors will find a Passion-Marian sanctuary, referring to the cult of the suffering Jesus and the Mother of God. Other interesting attractions include: wooden houses in Kalwaria at ul. Bernardyńska or pilgrims' houses in Kalwaria at Plac Rajski.

5. Święta Lipka

Finally, there is Święta Lipka, i.e. the so-called Częstochowa of the North. It is a village located in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. There is the Świętolipska Basilica of St. Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the cloister and monastery. Pilgrims from all over the country have been meeting there for years. They enjoy peace and beautiful views. It is estimated that approx. 300,000 people visit Święta Lipka every year. people. A special attraction inside the temple is a linden tree, which is intended to remind us of the beginnings of the sanctuary. In Prussian times, a miraculous figure of the Virgin Mary and Child was supposed to appear on a linden tree.

Pilgrimage offers can be found in various places. They are usually organized locally in parishes, the Caritas pilgrimage and tourism office, but also in academic communities. Have you been to any of these sanctuaries before?

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