Polish jumpers chose the songs. With them they will fly to Zakopane

Polish jumpers chose the songs.  With them they will fly to Zakopane

Polish jumpers will fly in Zakopane to their favorite songs. We know the choices of Thurnbichler’s players. Will the songs help them achieve good results?

Polish jumpers moved to Zakopane, where they will play the last round of the Polish Tournament, and also the next stage of the World Cup. At Wielka Krokiew they will be able to count on the support of tens of thousands of fans. This is an event that has been extremely popular for decades. In addition to the fans, Thomas Thurnbichler’s players will receive additional support.

Polish jumpers will fly in Zakopane to their favorite songs

Polish representatives will be able to fly to their favorite songs. As TVP Sport journalist Mateusz Leleń informed, each of them chose one song that would cheer them on for a long flight. Paweł Wąsek chose “Sunshine” from the Evil Ebenzer repertoire. Piotr Żyła, the highest classified Polish ski jumper in the general classification of the World Cup, chose the rock classic. He will be carried away by the famous “It’s my life” by Bon Jovi.

“Always to the goal” of the team The best message in the city is to lead to a good result by Dawid Kubacki. Maciej Kot also chose strong rhythms. He is to be carried away by the band Dire Straits and the song “Money for nothing”. In turn, Andrzej Stękała will focus on “Don’t be afraid to want” by Natalia Przybysz performed by… Milena Stękała.

There was some confusion with Kamil Stoch’s piece. Leleń initially announced that the three-time Olympic champion would perform with the song “Best day of my live” by American Authors. When Ewa Bilan-Stoch reacted to the entry by saying that her husband had chosen a different song, the journalist corrected himself by pointing out that the 36-year-old had chosen “Ring of fire” by Social Disortion.

End of the Polish Tournament in Zakopane

Two competitions await fans in Zakopane. On Saturday, the jumpers will compete as teams, and a day later they will finish the Polish Tournament with an individual fight. Before the last stage of the tournament, Slovenians are leading, followed by Austrians and Germans. The White and Reds are in sixth place with 1,593 points.

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