The star may leave Red Bull. His days are numbered

The star may leave Red Bull.  His days are numbered

If this happened, we would witness a great transfer in the world of Formula 1. – His days in this team are numbered – says Ralf Schumacher and says that Sergio Perez will soon change colors.

We may soon witness a big transfer in Formula 1, thanks to rumors and reports that have been appearing behind the scenes of this discipline for some time. There is talk in the media about a split between the Red Bull team and Sergio Perez. Now Ralf Schumacher, the legendary F1 driver, has also heated up the discussion on this topic.

Sergio Perez failed at the Dutch Grand Prix

It is true that the Mexican is currently second in the general classification of the current season, although he has a huge gap of 201 points behind the first one, Max Verstappen. Only a miracle would take the title away from the Dutchman. Due to this, however, Perez is heavily criticized, and recently he failed to help himself in the Dutch Grand Prix.

– Sergio made a mistake again when he hit the barriers close to the pit stop entrance and that’s why he got a penalty. That’s why he took second place at the very end – said the legendary driver in Sky Germany.

Sergio Perez’s departure from Red Bull is almost certain

Now it seems that despite the fact that the Mexican’s contract with Red Bull was to last until 2024, the breakup will take place earlier. There is even talk about who will replace him. According to the former FC driver, this team would welcome Lando Norris, who has an excellent relationship with Max Verstappen. – I assume that he will decide who will be his new team partner – Schumacher confessed.

– In my opinion, Perez’s days at Red Bull are numbered. Helmut Marko is not known for his favorable approach to drivers and Perez will be no different. In my opinion, Sergio cannot cope with this pressure. This is how I explain to myself why I keep making such serious mistakes. The Mexican looked dissatisfied, disappointed and almost absent throughout the weekend. I think the decisions have already been made about parting with him at the end of the season, said Schumacher.

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