CPK or flail? What is the difference? The answer presents the official profile of the mega airport

CPK or flail?  What is the difference?  The answer presents the official profile of the mega airport

“The construction of a flail is simple. The construction of the CPK is complicated.” This is what the official Facebook account of the Central Communication Port joked.

For years, it was an unwritten rule that official social media profiles of companies, companies and organizations should reflect the public image of the company they represent in their entries and interactions. A serious company should have serious profiles, and those that take themselves less seriously can experiment.

However, it turns out that this rule does not always apply. The best example is the American fast food chain “Wendy’s”, whose Twitter profile already has cult status thanks to entries that insult other brands as well as ordinary Twitter users.

In Poland, companies and organizations try to “be cool” in different ways, but there is still a belief that serious brands should also behave seriously in social media. Recently, the Central Communication Port decided to be more relaxed on Facebook and posted an entry comparing CPK to a flail.

“Reducing such an investment to a meme is like TVP news. Supposedly funny, but actually tragic.” One user wrote. Another commented: “Please look at people’s reaction. This post is already flying around the internet on industry fan pages as a meme. (…) Personally, however, I would focus on a more professional message that builds the image of a serious investment.”

Although there were comments that such a tone of communication was not appropriate for a serious government company that relies on public money, the administrators of the CPK Facebook page did not seem concerned and continued the discussion on a joking level.

The official profile of the National Bank of Poland also went in a rather surprising communication direction. First, he posted a number of entries praising the President of the National Bank of Poland, Adam Głapiński, and then ended it with the quote “The hunting director played the trumpet and the hounds went into the forest.”

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