Kamil Stoch already knows what he will do after his career ends. He has a specific plan

Kamil Stoch already knows what he will do after his career ends.  He has a specific plan

Although Kamil Stoch does not intend to end his career yet, he already knows what he will do soon after hanging up his skis. The Polish ski jumper revealed his plan, which is also his big dream.

Many athletes have fulfilled their dreams, winning trophies, gaining the highest honors and huge popularity. All this happened, among others, to Kamil Stoch, who now has a different goal in life. It is true that he clearly stated that he does not intend to end his career yet, although he already has an idea for his future.

Kamil Stoch is getting back into shape

Kamil Stoch admitted that there are still moments when he doesn’t do much in training and then he thinks about giving up his sports career. It tires him greatly and he feels that he has simply had enough. Fortunately, however, this type of state does not last very long, because one successful jump is often enough to get another boost of energy. – Then I think that I would like to do this for the rest of my life – he said, quoted by the website sportfakty.wp.pl.

As Kamil Stoch admitted, he is currently not consistent, which may be a result of his problems last summer, when he had to miss several appearances in the Summer Grand Prix. However, his form is slowly returning and the jumper hopes that it will be even better when the adrenaline associated with competitions will give him an additional boost.

Due to the fact that the four-time Olympic medalist is already 37 years old – and taking into account the above context – questions often arise about the future of Kamil Stoch. Specifically, about the end of his career, which is approaching inevitably. Interestingly, the player from Ząb has absolutely no specific plans in this regard. His statement shows that he has not set any deadline or other limits for himself. Currently, he is focusing on subsequent starts and making progress, because he is still hungry for victories.

Kamil Stoch’s interesting plan

Paradoxically, although the 37-year-old is not thinking about the end of his career, he knows what he will do after taking off his skis for the last time. It’s about a long-planned trip around the world with my wife. She herself mentioned it once, and now the athlete himself has revealed more about it. “Not having a plan is the most tempting thing,” he said.

Kamil Stoch’s goal was that after many years during which training and competitions determined the rhythm of his life, he would finally be able to set the pace himself. – We will be able to simply get in the car and spontaneously determine stops. I would like to spend as much time as I want in each place, he confessed.

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