Iga Baumgart-Witan: “You have to measure your intentions. The injury didn't bother me”

Iga Baumgart-Witan: “You have to measure your intentions.  The injury didn't bother me"

Iga Baumgart-Witan did not win a medal during the Polish Indoor Championships, but her return was important for another reason. – I'm coming back after 17 months. This injury didn't bother me, she said just after getting off the treadmill.

Few people expected that Iga Baumgart-Witan would take part in this year's Polish Indoor Championships. In fact, she probably didn't expect it for a long time. Although she did not win any medals in this year's event in Toruń, her return to the track itself is an important event. In the mixed zone, she talked about many issues.

Iga Baumgart-Witan on returning after injury

– However, I am a real athlete. Even though I knew where I was (I was coming back after 17 months), I ran and thought to myself “eh, I could have been third!” Once you start competing, you want more. For me it is a success that I reached the finish line, but I feel dissatisfied. I'm always dissatisfied. Even when I break a personal record, then I feel like “ahhh, I could have started better” or something like that. I'm happy, but I'm always unsatisfied. It's rather good?

– This morning I got out of bed, ate breakfast and said to my husband: “Damn, why do I need this?” Yesterday I had this hunger, and today I was shaky. I felt what it was like to be very stressed. I didn't expect anything from myself and neither did anyone from me, because everyone knew how difficult it would be to come back, but I was still nervous. And I shouldn't, because I came here to have fun.

About conclusions after the start in Toruń

– The main conclusion is that after a long break from the track, I am not far behind the girls. I caught the contact bug. I already know what I'm missing after I ran the first 200 meters…

– I only recently entered the spikes and I don't have the right speed yet. It was visible here. This is a good prognosis that I will be able to do it, I will survive until the Olympic Games and I believe that I will be able to run fast also individually. And with the girls we will be able to create something cool again, even though the world is moving forward. We are trying to get on this bandwagon and show that these “old women” can still run and can cause trouble.

About the results of the women's 400 meters final

– It is sad that not all of Bydgoszcz stood on the podium (the first one is Marika Popowicz-Drapała from Zawisza, and the third one is Kinga Gacka from BKS – editor's note). Of course, Justyna is a world-class player, so I didn't lose to just anyone. We also knew that Marika would be strong. I know how she trains and I predicted that moving to 400 meters would be no problem for her. She should have done it a long time ago. Moreover, she is very strong physically, she is a nice type of professional. Now he has to do some work to run even faster in the stadium, and then he will join the 4×400 team. She is the oldest of us, the most experienced, but I don't blame her for her age. Thanks to this, he is able to do a lot.

– I am satisfied because I took up the challenge and I am glad that I came back. I stood on the treadmill and felt adrenaline. There is joy in this. Results? Mariki's one is great, Justyna came back after a serious Achilles injury, and Kinga is a young player and has a lot ahead of her. I'm also coming back from an injury, so results close to 52-53 seconds are not worrying. These are not target launches for us.

About going to Glasgow for the World Indoor Championships

– I mentioned earlier that I hadn't run for 17 months and I wasn't supposed to run indoors this year either. She entered the spikes 3 weeks ago. I'm leaving winter work, there are 3 months left until the start of the summer season. I don't see any threat to me here. Girls should be afraid of me!

– It was my first and last start in the hall. I'm not planning to go to Glasgow. I don't know if coach Matusiński is aware of it or not. I guess so (laughter). I also talked to my mother about this a few times. She asked me, “If you're in the HMP final, what about Glasgow?” I both want and don't want to go. I don't want to because I had a serious injury. I tore my plantar tendon. God forbid, I'd get a minor injury and need a week off again. My fitness is improving, and in two weeks I would probably be in optimal shape, but then I might run out of steam for the summer.

– In my case, each properly worked week can be worth its weight in gold, literally! In addition, there is the world relay championship in the Bahamas, where you have to qualify for the games. Moreover, we have the Polish summer championships… So we have to measure our intentions and decide what is more important.

– I am 35 years old and it was the first such injury that excluded me from competing for a year. Considering my age, the recovery from such an injury wasn't too bad. Of course, there were moments of sadness, but… I have already won medals in all the most important events. This year's break did a bit of damage to my starting condition, but it didn't confuse me. In this respect, I rested and wanted to run again.

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