The senator-elect did not take the oath. He was in Indonesia at that time

The senator-elect did not take the oath.  He was in Indonesia at that time

Senator-elect Mieczysław Golba has not yet taken the oath. During the inaugural session of the Senate, he was on business in Indonesia. This is a result of the fact that Golba is also the vice-president of the Polish Football Association.

Last Monday, November 13, the inaugural sessions of the Sejm and Senate were held. The newly elected MPs and senators took their oath, which is a necessary condition for them to take up their seats.

Mieczysław Golba did not take the oath as a senator

Mieczysław Golba, who was elected from the Law and Justice party, was not present at the oath in the upper house of parliament. He is a politician of Sovereign Poland and vice-president of the Polish Football Association.

As “Wirtualna Polska” found out, last Monday he was on the Indonesian island of Java, where the U-17 World Cup is underway.

Statement of the PZPN press office

The PZPN press office reported that the Senate office was informed in advance about Golba’s absence at the inaugural meeting. The delegation, which includes the senator-elect, will be in Java from November 8 to 16.

“Vice-President Golba is responsible for foreign affairs in the Polish Football Association and, in connection with this function, he was part of the PZPN delegation that went to the U-17 World Championships,” we read in a statement received by “Wirtualna Polska” from the PZPN press office.

The statement went on to explain that during his visit to Indonesia, Golba “participated in meetings with representatives of various football federations” and “among other things, issues of international cooperation in the field of youth training system.

Golba has three months to take the oath

Does this mean that Golba lost his senatorial seat? Doubts on this issue are dispelled by the Act on the exercise of the mandate of a deputy and senator, which clearly states that the oath may be taken within three months of the first sitting of the Sejm or Senate.

“The method of taking the oath and the procedure for considering the cases of Deputies and Senators who have not taken the oath within three months of obtaining the mandate are specified in the regulations of the Sejm and Senate” – reads the text of Art. 2 section 5 of the said Act.

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