A month of Tusk’s government. The Poles issued him a certificate

A month of Tusk's government.  The Poles issued him a certificate

Poles assessed Donald Tusk’s new government in a survey. The respondents’ opinions largely coincided with their political preferences.

Donald Tusk has been prime minister for over a month. At that time, his government and the Minister of Justice decided to change, among others: public media and the judiciary, which was met with sharp criticism from the right side of the political scene. At the same time, changes in the law are necessary for Poland to receive funds from the KPO.

RMF FM and “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” asked Poles how they assessed this time.

Assessment of Donald Tusk’s government. New survey

Just over half of respondents are satisfied with the first weeks of Donald Tusk’s new government. The answer “definitely yes” and “rather yes” was given by a total of 52%. respondents, with 25 percent she is definitely satisfied with the operation of the new office.

RMF FM points out that the distribution of answers coincides with the declared political sympathies. Supporters of the ruling majority – KO, Third Way and Left – are satisfied with the actions of the new government. Almost 80 percent of them are satisfied with the government’s actions.

PIS and Confederation sympathizers, as expected, are more critical of Tusk’s actions. As much as 91 percent cases assessed them negatively. 7.8 percent respondents chose the “difficult to say” option.

The results are similar to a survey conducted by United Surveys for WP. The majority of respondents (54.5%) gave a positive assessment to the current Prime Minister, 24.2%. respondents assessed the new government “definitely positively”, and 30.3 percent “rather positive.”

40.3% were of the opposite opinion. subjects. 31.4 percent assessed Tusk’s government “definitely negatively”, while 8.9 percent “rather negative.” 5.2% had no opinion. respondents.

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