Music sales in Poland: such good results have not been seen for a long time

Music sales in Poland: such good results have not been seen for a long time

18.7 percent – this is how much the value of sales on the Polish music market increased last year and reached PLN 671 million. It was another year of growth, driven mainly by digital sales and streaming, but physical media also performed well

The music market in Poland is doing very well. Once again in a row, we have very good data in almost every segment of the recording market. Our growth has been so great that we have once again advanced one position in the global ranking, to 18th place in the world ranking, and this is a great success. Growth in every market segment, both in streaming and physical media, resulted in the overall market growing by over 18% year on year.. – says Anna Ceynowa, communications director at the Association of Audio-Video Producers.

2023 was the fourth year in a row in which the market recorded double-digit growth. This time it generated over PLN 670 million in revenues. Of this, almost 74 percent (PLN 520 million) is accounted for by digital sales. This segment recorded an increase of 16.5% last year.

This growth is largely due to streaming, which is once again growing very dynamically – it is growing by over 25%. year to year, so these are very satisfactory data, unique compared to Western Europe. Our entire region of Central and Eastern Europe, especially Poland, is a growth leader. But also, interestingly, we are observing very large increases in the segment of physical media, especially vinyls, but not only that – says a representative of ZPAV.

Physical sales account for approximately one quarter of the market and generated over PLN 151 million in revenue last year – 1.6% more than last year. more than a year earlier. And this despite a serious decline in CD sales – by 10%. Vinyls turned out to be the driving force in the physical media segment, which grew by 27.7% last year. market, generating PLN 61.6 million in revenue. Black plates accounted for over 40 percent. revenue from the sale of physical media and less than 10 percent total music sales.

– IN In the coming years, vinyls will overtake CDs in value. Looking at the data in the area of ​​physical media worldwide, we expect that in the next five years these increases will continue and, what's more, they will be at a much higher level, because in the world there are already double-digit increases, over 13%, which is quite surprising – says Anna Ceynowa.

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