The scale of the visa scandal. Szczerba provided preliminary data on the number of visas

The scale of the visa scandal.  Szczerba provided preliminary data on the number of visas

MP Michał Szczerba, chairman of the investigative committee on the visa scandal, said that the scale of visas issued without the procedures may be several times greater than what the PiS government talked about.

The guest of “Sygnały Dzień” in PR1 was Michał Szczerba (KO), chairman of the commission on the visa scandal. The MP pointed out that the process of “investigating criminals into the management of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with corrupt offers aimed at obtaining visas for bribes lasted almost three years, and only “the scale of the shameless corruption and the fees for obtaining a visa changed.” – It is good that as a result of the investigative commission, accusations were made against the first politicians – he added. He announced that during the hearings, the public will learn about the “good guys and bad guys”, i.e. good and bad consuls. – Also people who were destroyed because they wanted to act in accordance with the procedures – he noted.

The presenter asked about the scale of the practice. – The previous government said it was 200 visas – he noted.

– I don’t have exact information yet. We will get access to the files when we need evidence. What PiS politicians presented, this dimension is already at least several times greater – replied Michał Szczerba.

– So now we have confirmation that there were 600-800 visas? – asked the host. – You’re a good shot, but it’s only one thread, but there were plenty of such threads – replied Szczerba.

Commission on the visa scandal. Who will be questioned?

The MP added that former minister Piotr Wawrzyk is on the short list of witnesses to be questioned before the monitoring committee. – I think it will also be Zbigniew Rau, we want to question key figures of the PiS state – said Michał Szczerba.

When asked about the consequences of the committee’s work, the MP replied that sealing visas was not its responsibility, but he hoped that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would take advantage of its work and, thanks to it, a migration policy would be developed.

– We were with Mr. Joński at the Provincial Office in Łódź. Opposite the Department for Foreigners, companies advertise that they will quickly obtain a work permit for PLN 4,000. There was already a CBA control there when Minister Rau was the voivode, and later the accused official left her job ex officio by mutual consent and founded a brokerage company for PLN 4,000. PLN – he said.

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