The popular city's attractions will be closed. The reason is high temperatures

The popular city's attractions will be closed.  The reason is high temperatures

Tourists have one last chance to visit these places. Soon they will be unavailable to visitors due to the heat.

Dubai, which recently faced extreme downpours and flooding at the airport, is preparing for the summer season. Some of the city's attractions will be closed during the worst heatwaves. May is the last chance to visit places such as the Garden of Miracles and the Safari Park. They will be made available to tourists again only in September and October.

High temperatures in Dubai

At the beginning of May, temperatures in Dubai become extremely high. At the height of summer, thermometers show up to 50 degrees Celsius. No wonder that, as every year, the city decided to ensure the safety of tourists. Some of the city's outdoor attractions will be temporarily closed. Their reopening is planned for September and October, when the weather in the largest city of the United Arab Emirates becomes slightly milder. The coldest time in the city popular among Polish tourists, known for its artificial island in the shape of a palm tree and the tallest building in the world, is in November, January and February, when average temperatures drop to around 25 degrees Celsius.

Attractions will be closed

The planned closure affects at least four tourist attractions. From June 2, 2024, the Dubai Miracle Garden, the largest facility of its kind in the world, will be closed. On the same day, Dubai Safari Park, a zoo where we can meet animals from other regions of the world, also suspends its operations, including: tigers, elephants, lions and giraffes. In just two days (May 8), the Global Village Dubai shopping and entertainment center, which houses pavilions decorated in the style of various countries and cultures, will be closed. Currently, tickets for attractions in the mountain village of Hatta Wadi can only be purchased until May 15 – this place will probably also be closed during the hot season.

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