From Perugia to Qatar. A player with Polish citizenship changes the club

From Perugia to Qatar.  A player with Polish citizenship changes the club

Wassim Ben Tara was part of the Polish colony in Perugia last season. The attacker leaves the Italian club for a while to help Qatar's Al Arabi.

Although Wassim Ben Tara was born in Tunis and represented Tunisia, in recent years he has been striving to play under the Polish flag. The player, whose mother is Polish, tried to change his “volleyball citizenship”, but the FIVB stood in the way. The world federation rejected his application, which is why he continues to operate in the volleyball world as a Tunisian. Nevertheless, Polish fans treat him as “one of their own”, being at the same time a member of the white and red colony in Perugia.

Wassim Ben Tara will play in Qatar again

The attacker made a sensation in PlusLiga, thanks to which he earned a transfer to a leading Italian club. On the Apennine Peninsula, in recent weeks he enjoyed triumphing in the Italian championship, competing for a place in the team with Cuban Jesus Herrera Garcia.

After the end of the season, Ben Tara did not go to any national team training camp. For a short while he joined the new-old club. Al Arabi, like other clubs in Qatar, brings famous volleyball players to the Emir Cup every year. It is difficult to talk about transfers even in this case, as loan would be a more appropriate word. Each foreign character can count on a generous remuneration.

Ben Tara is the third attacker to play for Al Arabi SC this season. The former Stal player from Nysa will have to quickly make a difference in the game to provide his new employer with the desired title. He will continue to play for the new Italian champions next season. Apart from him, Kamil Semeniuk will remain in the team. However, Wilfredo Leon will be missing and will most likely go to Bogdanka LUK Lublin.

Wassim Ben Tara's volleyball career

Ben Tara, 203 cm tall, was already a player of Al Arabi Ad-Doha in the past. Additionally, he played for Qatar SC, Chamount VB 52 and Esperance Tunis.

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