The Polish woman “grew” a giant tumor in her body. Doctors are talking about a global phenomenon

The Polish woman "grew" a giant tumor in her body.  Doctors are talking about a global phenomenon

A resident of Jasło went to hospital because of a lump in her breast. The woman's case stunned doctors. Medics have never encountered a similar situation before.

Mrs. Wiktoria will certainly go down in the history of the Specialist Hospital in Jasło. The reason is not something to be proud of. On the contrary, it is shocking. Doctors emphasize that there is no description of this type of cases in the available medical literature.

The breast tumor shocked doctors

Mrs. Wiktoria had a change in her breast. For years she downplayed its existence. Meanwhile, the tumor was growing, making it difficult for the woman to function. When the 64-year-old woman, persuaded by her friends and family, went to the doctor, the “intruder” already weighed less than ten kilograms and prevented the patient from performing many different activities. The woman had balance problems. She couldn't bend down. Tying her shoelaces or feeding her four-legged pet was becoming more and more of a problem for her every day. Apart from that, the tumor did not cause any other symptoms. It didn't cause any pain. Doctors from the Department of General and Oncological Surgery at the Specialist Hospital in Jasło decided to remove the breast along with the pathological lesion. As emphasized by Szymon Niemiec, MD:

(The tumor – editor's note) was huge, weighing exactly 9 kg 85 dkg. This made it difficult for the lady to keep her balance at times when she was leaning to one side or the other. Histopathological examination revealed cancer – a malignant form of fibrosarcoma. Fortunately, we managed to persuade the 64-year-old to undergo surgery. It was successful, we performed breast amputation, with good cosmetic results.

At the same time, the doctor noted that Mrs. Wiktoria's case “is unique on a global scale.” No similar solution has been described in the medical literature so far. Currently, the patient is feeling very well. The prognosis is favorable, although the tumor was assessed as malignant and did not cause any metastases.

The fear of being tested is the biggest enemy

Mrs. Wiktoria did not see a doctor earlier due to paralyzing fear. She was afraid that the tests would detect cancer, and once “affected” the cancer would spread throughout the body. Dr. Szymon Niemiec points out that this type of thinking is completely unjustified. Biopsy or surgery do not affect the malignancy of tumors in the body. Moreover, late detection of changes is one of the main factors that drastically reduces the patients' chances of survival and full recovery.

It is worth emphasizing that breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world. More than 1.5 million women are diagnosed with cancer every year. A chance to detect the change early are preventive tests – ultrasound and mammography.

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