Polish cuisine dominates at work. Most often we order pork chop

Polish cuisine dominates at work.  Most often we order pork chop

Polish cuisine dominates in company canteens. The order leader is the native pork chop. Next came pancakes and dumplings. Among foreign dishes, American hamburgers and Italian spaghetti are very popular. Every third employee orders vegetarian dishes.

Attractive remuneration is not enough to attract specialists to the company. Employees increasingly expect additional non-wage benefits from employers. They are eager to ask for flexible working hours and subsidized meals at work, which are becoming more and more desirable benefits every year. And as employers admit, this benefit has become a reasonable alternative to salary increases. And many employees can save up to several hundred zlotys a month.

Polish cuisine dominates in workplaces. Pork chop is the king of dinners

Both descriptions of benefits and culinary preferences in workplaces are issues often discussed by employees on social media. Many Internet users admit that despite the possibility of ordering various meals for dinner, they prefer Polish dishes.

Similar conclusions were reached by SmartLunch, which deals with the comprehensive organization of the collective catering process with funding from the employer. The company examined the culinary preferences of employees of factories and large production plants. As much as 65 percent All orders are hot meals.

“Polish cuisine is the most popular” – according to the report. The popularity of vegetarian dishes is growing every year. Currently, every third respondent admitted that they willingly order meat-free dishes.

Employees most often order:

  • pork chop – over 160,000 orders, ·

  • pancakes – almost 130 thousand orders, ·

  • dumplings – almost 125 thousand orders.

Co-financing of lunches. Employees want information about the ingredients of dishes

In addition to domestic meals, American cuisine is also appreciated by employees. Traditionally, it is dominated by burgers (almost 100,000 orders). Italian cuisine took third place. Spaghetti is the most popular (75,000 orders).

The authors of the study explain that ordering meals does not end with choosing the best dish. “Awareness of the composition of meals is also increasing – employees expect the ingredients of the ordered dish to be provided in the application” – we read in the report.

According to infuture.institute data, currently almost every third employee declares that their employer finances meals partially or fully. According to 82 percent respondents believe that subsidies for lunches should be a standard solution in companies.

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