The bear woke up from hibernation. It prowls the Polish mountains

The bear woke up from hibernation.  It prowls the Polish mountains

Bears roaming the mountains are nothing strange. However, it becomes dangerous when we are sure that they are sleeping and they go out onto the trails. A woman from the Beskid Śląski area reported about such an individual.

“We received information that a bear was seen on the road in the Zimnik Valley this afternoon. Awakened from hibernation, it may be hungry and dangerous. Be careful when hiking” – such an appeal can be seen on one of the Facebook pages called “Lipowa and the surrounding area”. It turns out that one of the women met a famous predator in the Silesian Beskids. She immediately decided to warn others.

A bear is prowling in the Silesian Beskids. He woke up from his sleep

Although most of us are sure that all bears hibernate, we have already mentioned several times that this is not always true. There are individuals who do not fall asleep at all or only for a very short time. Although we are talking about exceptions, you must be prepared for the fact that these may occur. Recently, such a situation was the talk of the Slovak village. It would seem that in December the predator should have been asleep long ago, but it was scaring the inhabitants.

No one knows for sure how long a bear found in the Beskids stays awake. However, it is worth being careful in this situation. Even special warning signs were placed on site. This is a particularly important appeal because since the winter holidays have started, there will be a lot of people on popular mountain trails.

Marian Knapek, a forester from Węgierska Górka, said in an interview with PAP that the bear could have been woken up by New Year’s Eve firecrackers or fireworks. He noted that these have an extremely negative effect on wild animals. If a bear is wandering around in such frosty temperatures and snow, it is probably in a very bad mood, but there is a chance that it will return to its den.

She met an awakened bear in the Silesian Beskids. This is how she reacted

A woman who encountered a bear in the Silesian Beskids shared her story with the local portal “I was coming back from a walk near Malinowska Skała, I was already close to the forester’s lodge. It was after 4 p.m., but still quite light. Suddenly, about 10 meters in front of me, a brown ball fell out of the forest onto the road. It was an adult bear, but judging by its build, still young and more scared than aggressive. We looked at each other and he ran towards the river. I didn’t expect it to be so low in winter, especially since there is a lot of traffic on this road on weekends, which gives me a sense of security,” she revealed.

When walking in the mountains, it is worth being vigilant and looking around. If we notice a bear, we should calmly retreat from its sight.

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