Problems of Polish hospital care from the perspective of doctors. Hospital diagnosis 2023

Problems of Polish hospital care from the perspective of doctors.  Hospital diagnosis 2023

The problems of the Polish hospital system were the main subject of a survey organized by the Greater Poland and the Supreme Medical Chamber. – The document is titled “Hospital Diagnosis 2023” and, speaking in diagnostic terms, the hospital system in Poland today is in a serious condition and, unfortunately, the condition of the hospital system is getting worse – concluded the president of the NRL, MD. Łukasz Jankowski.

The questionnaire consisted of over 100 questions. 500 doctors working in Polish hospitals (district, clinical, etc.) participated in the survey conducted in June and July 2023. Their number is too small to formulate clear theses based on the study results, but it turns out to be sufficient to – as noted by the vice-president of the District Medical Council, MD. Marcin Karolewski. to sketch a picture of Polish hospitality and draw specific conclusions, especially since the answers given were very consistent.

The main problems of Polish hospitalization according to doctors

A significant number of respondents, as many as 72 percent, are considering resigning from work in the hospital. Many people feel dissatisfied with their working conditions. The basis of this problem – as indicated by the respondents – are factors such as: fatigue, staff shortages, too heavy on-duty workload, claims from patients and a bad working atmosphere. According to respondents, a big problem of the Polish hospital industry is excess administrative work, i.e. the so-called paperwork. Doctors were asked how much time they subjectively feel they spend working directly with patients. More than half of doctors answered less than 27%. Completing medical documentation takes them over 70%. work time.

The survey also drew attention to the problem of aggression from patients (over 83% of doctors experienced it) and mobbing at work. 80% of people witnessed inappropriate behavior on the part of their superiors. subjects. A high intensity of this phenomenon was observed in clinical facilities. The questionnaire also included an open question in which respondents were asked to comment on “pathologies” that occur in Polish hospital services. The most common answers were: extensive bureaucracy, work overload (mainly for young doctors), shifting diagnostics to hospitals, mobbing and staff shortages.

The problems of the Polish hospital system are mainly of a systemic nature

“Many of the issues raised in this survey are systemic. This survey is a cry for help from the Polish hospital industry, a cry to decision-makers that urgent changes are needed. There is a need to relieve doctors’ workload by introducing assistants and bureaucratic burden by creating a health care system that would take care of the patient’s path in this system. (…) The fact that almost 80% of doctors are thinking about leaving hospital care makes us ask the question who will treat us in hospitals in the near future if we continue to deal with a festival of election promises and the prospect of putting out fires, and not a systemic one. approach,” noted the president of the Supreme Medical Council, M.D. Łukasz Jankowski in a conversation with the media.

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